Days Of Our Lives Characters You'd Hate To Know In Real Life

Soap operas and villains go hand in hand, and "Days of Our Lives" is no exception. The NBC sudser has created some of daytime television's all-time biggest villains over the past five decades, and fans absolutely love to hate many of the characters who cause drama in the series (via Nine).

The fictional town of Salem has had more than its share of drama thanks to mischievous characters such as Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), who often makes bad decisions while trying to gain love and happiness for herself. Not only is she the queen of switching DNA test results, but she's also gone to extremes to get what she wants — including selling her sister Belle on the black market! Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) is another character who often finds herself causing trouble to get what she wants. Her crimes include drugging and kidnapping. She's even spent time in prison for murder.

However, Sami and Gabi have nothing on Salem's most prolific villains, all of whom have terrorized some of the most beloved "DOOL" characters for decades. Thankfully, these characters only exist in TV land.

Stefano DiMera is one of the best daytime TV villains ever

When it comes to "Days of Our Lives" there is one character who is undeniably the biggest villain of all time. Stefano DiMera (played by the late Joseph Mascolo) was the perfect bad guy, per TV Overmind. He was rich, powerful, and headed one of the most influential families in Salem. Over the years, Stefano was involved in countless schemes and life-changing plots, many of which included the object of his obsession Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall).

During his reign of terror, Stefano kidnapped, blackmailed, and even brainwashed many of the soap's fan-favorite characters. Of course, his children seem to follow in his footsteps. Many of Stefano's children have shown their devilish side over the years, including Chad, EJ, Stefan, Tony, Andre, and Kristen, per Fame 10. In fact, Kristen has cemented herself as one of Salem's most evil as well. While she's flip-flopped over the years, there's no denying that Kristen has caused so much chaos during her time on "DOOL." She's kidnapped characters, stolen babies, carried out murder plans, and been ruthless when it comes to her business dealings. Although many viewers love the character, she makes it hard to root for her with all of her scheming and lying.

Victor Kiriakis and his family are among Salem's shadiest characters

Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) is one of the most powerful men in Salem. He's wealthy and well connected with friends in both high and low places (via Nine). Over the years, "Days of Our Lives" viewers have watched Victor become involved in numerous deceits, which have included blackmail, kidnapping, and running drug rings. He even once faked his death and framed his own son Bo Brady for the crime. However, Victor has often redeemed himself over the years, and after marrying Maggie Horton he cooled his wicked plans and schemes for the most part (via Fame 10).

However, other members of Victor's family have also caused plenty of trouble around Salem. Victor's son Philip Kiriakis has often been at the center of plenty of drama, as well as his late brother Deimos. He was known for holding people hostage and even ordering hits on other characters who got in his way. Victor's nephew, Xander (Paul Telfer) has also been involved in some very shady activities over the years including kidnapping and blackmail.

Vivian Alamain and Dr. Wilhelm Rolf are scary schemers

While "Days of Our Lives" fans have grown accustomed to seeing crimes such as kidnapping and blackmail take place in Salem, there have been moments that have shocked even the most loyal soap opera fans. Vivian Alamain is one of the most notorious trouble makers in the soap's history. She's also been involved in some of the show's wildest and most surprising storylines, per Nine. Vivian has done unspeakable things to those who cross her path, including leading Carly Manning to believe that her son had died. She later poisoned Carly and faked her death so that she could bury her alive and torture her. However, the plan backfired when Carly was eventually rescued.

In addition, Stefano DiMera's right-hand man, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf may be the creepiest character to ever appear on "DOOL." The evil scientist is responsible for helping Stefano brainwash people. Dr. Rolf even went as far as to invent a serum that could bring dead characters back to life, which was used to resurrect many of the show's fan-favorite characters such as EJ DiMera and Will Horton.

While these evil characters are undoubtedly fun to watch on television, fans certainly wouldn't want to know them in reality.