The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Taurus

If you have a Taurus in your life, you're likely well aware of the warm, grounding force that they are (via Allure). This earth sign, born between April 20 and May 20, is the most connected to our physical, tangible realm of all the signs. This makes them incredibly practical, hard-working people who work toward real-world goals and dreams. Yet, they are also the most sensual of signs, as this connection to the physical world means they really feel the world around them. As such, they appreciate art and food and beauty and physical intimacy in particularly passionate fashion. 

Tauruses are not afraid to work hard for what they want, and when they set their minds to something, whether a career, a relationship, or a home, they commit themselves fully to building it from scratch with dedication, love, passion, and intention. If you are lucky enough to be loved by a Taurus, chances are you know how lucky you are. If you're looking to return some of that love this holiday season, here are some great gift ideas for your bull!   

Taureans love love

Even though a Taurus is an earth sign, and therefore we might expect them to be highly practical and focused on the material world, they are also ruled by Venus, the planet responsible for love, sex, romance, beauty, and, yes, money (via Well and Good). This combination means that not only are they highly romantic, but they love to express and experience love through physical, tangible expressions of it.

This means, if you like to write, writing them a love letter or poem or heartfelt card will matter a lot to them. If you like to bake, bake them something. If you like to go big on the romance, a house full of candles plus a bubble bath and wine will never be lost on a Taurus and they will never think you're being silly; they will melt. If you're gifted at giving massages, a Taurus would be so grateful for the loving physical contact. 

If you're in partnership with a Taurus, new lingerie, roses, chocolates, and a romantic dinner out at their favorite place will completely bowl them over. Taureans give tirelessly when they love someone, and feeling that tangibly returned to them is a big deal.   

Tauruses love food

Because Tauruses are so appreciate of sensory experiences, they are generally huge fans of good food (via Metropolitan Girls). They are adventurous in trying new things to eat or different cuisines, but all Tauruses have their most favorite dishes and their most favorite restaurants, and they are highly loyal to them. This dedicated sign tends to find something they like and stick to it. Also, because they are pretty particular and because they aren't afraid of rolling up their own sleeves to create an experience they want, they also love to cook. 

If your Taurus drinks coffee, they probably make it themselves in their own fancy coffee machine or espresso maker and use the same high end beans they buy from a specialty store down the road. Consider getting them a few bags of those beans along with some treats to enjoy with their morning cup. Another great gift is taking them out to their most favorite restaurant or buying them some high end cooking utensils specific to the dishes they most love to create, like a pasta maker or a well-made cast iron dutch oven. 

Tauruses like to indulge

It isn't just food that calls Taureans to indulge; because of that powerful combination of Venus as their ruling planet and Earth as their element, these sensual babes love the finer things in pretty much all respects of life (via Cosmopolitan). They tend not to want to bother with an experience unless it is going to make them feel the way they want to feel, and this applies to restaurants, vacations, new purchases, choosing a home, and even choosing a mate. They want the best of the best, but what makes them special is that they never ever expect to just be handed these things, and they aren't the least bit entitled or snobbish. They want to earn their indulgences. 

That said, it's awfully, awfully nice for them when something beautiful and indulgent is just handed to them, without them having to work for it, since they already work so, so hard. If you know your Taurus has always wanted to go to a particular resort, or has always wanted a Kate Spade bag, or has always wanted a Pottery Barn bedding set but hasn't ever gotten these things for themselves, you could seriously excited your Taurus if you gift it to them.   

Taureans love and need self care

As we've mentioned, Tauruses are hard-working individuals who spend a great deal of time and effort working to make their dreams and visions come true. As such, they really need to take time to unwind and recharge (via Our Mindful Life). They likely already have an exercise routine in place to stay fit, as there is a purpose to everything Tauruses do, but they should be reminded to move their bodies just for fun. Take a Taurus dancing or hiking or swimming in a river to switch up their routine and fill that need for sensory experience mixed with fun. 

They would also love to be treated to a day at the spa, getting a massage, a mani/pedi, a facial, and any other service that can help them ground in their bodies and appreciate all the relaxing feelings those sensory experiences create for them.