This Athlete Says He's Broken Ties With Prince Harry

Once upon a time, Prince Harry had a whole raft of famous friends with whom he'd go partying. While that might still be the case to some extent -– for all we know, he and Oprah kicked up their heels after the cameras stopped rolling on that infamous tell-all interview last spring. Some of his old running mates, however, appear to have been dropped from his royal roster.

Among those prominent pals Harry no longer has time for is Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man. While the two were apparently tight before Harry got hitched, once the prince got serious about his wife-to-be, all of a sudden, his priorities underwent a drastic shift. Faster than Bolt can run the 100-meter dash, his old friend Harry had disappeared out of the Olympian's life. So how does it feel to be ghosted by a princely pal? While Bolt, speaking with The Sun, remained polite when discussing his former friend, it's obvious he's not too thrilled about the royal snub.

Usain Bolt once wanted to host Harry's bachelor party

Usain Bolt and Harry were once pretty tight, it seems, so much so that Bolt had plans to throw a three-night bash for the prince's bachelor party (or "stag do," as they say in British English). The Sun quotes Bolt saying at the time, "I'm thinking about having three. My idea is to have one in Kingston [Jamaica, Bolt's homeland], one in Vegas and one in London." He went on to say, "I know it's a lot to ask but these are his last nights of freedom." This tri-country shindig never came to pass, so no need to go Googling paparazzi pics.

While Bolt himself has settled down to some extent as he's now a father himself (three kids all under the age of 2), he still seems a bit put out, or at least disappointed, at having been cut out of his former friend's life. As he explained to The Sun, he hasn't heard a peep out of Harry in years. "I think he got really serious, really quickly," says Bolt, adding, "He is about married life" now and "has left that life" of hanging out with friends. Although the ball is in Harry's court now, Bolt makes it clear that any coldness existing between him and the prince is not of his making. "I haven't talked to him in a while," he admits, but says "I still would like to keep in contact."