Christine Quinn Shares Her Trick For Wearing Heels In The Office

A nice outfit paired with some gorgeous heels can see your confidence go through the roof. Per Confidentials, high heels can give people "a certain confidence that's noticeable to everyone." Just ask Christine Quinn from Netflix's "Selling Sunset."

The reality star is a self-proclaimed high heels lover, and owns "hundreds of pairs of shoes," per Elle. The "Selling Sunset" star loves shoes so much, in fact, that she's even collaborated with Shoedazzle for her very own line. Fans of the Netlfix hit will also be familiar with Quinn's high-heeled approach to real estate, and is often seen strutting in towering stilettos while selling homes to the rich and famous. 

As pretty as high-heeled shoes may be, actually having to wear them can be a very uncomfortable experience that leads to a whole host of foot irritation, per Cosmopolitan.

However, Quinn refuses to be beaten by the discomfort, and has shared her trick for wearing heels in the office. 

Christine Quinn revealed how she wears heels all day at work

According to "Selling Sunet's" breakout star, Christine Quinn, you can have the best of suave style and super comfort when you choose to rock your high heels. During an interview with Elle Magazine, the reality TV star revealed that she has a tried and tested trick for wearing high heels for long hours while at the office or on the go at work. 

"When I'm in houses, if I'm not doing meetings, if I'm sitting at the office ... so when I don't need to wear them, I put my flats on," she shared, while speaking about her penchant for super high heels that can sometimes be as elevated as six inches. "It's just all about saving your feet," adds the "How To Be A Boss B*tch" author.

Other tricks that women have been using to reduce discomfort while rocking high heels include using gel insoles, shaving down their heels, stretching out their shoes, and even changing the way they walk, per Bustle