Here's What The December 19 Venus Retrograde Means For Air Signs

Earth, air, water, and fire: The four zodiac elements represent our very natures as humans. Each element contains three zodiac signs, and each element represents those signs' traits as a whole, though each sign has their own traits, too, of course. What your zodiac element really means is your overall disposition in life, including the dark side of your zodiac sign.

The zodiac elements have specific reactions to retrogrades, too. The latest retrograde to occur in 2021 is Venus', which begins on December 19 and will last until the end of January 2022 (via Refinery29). Venus is the planet of love, so our romantic relationships often take a hit when it retrogrades. Overall symptoms of the planet's apparent backward rotation will include breakups for some couples and making up for others — you may even experience both in the 40-day long spectacle. Exes may try to reach out to you, or maybe you're reaching out to your exes. In either case, be careful and make sure you understand the most compatible zodiac signs before diving into anything too serious.

These overall issues will face everyone, but each element will face their own struggles as well. Air signs — Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini — naturally drift where they need to go in life, but their movement in their relationships may be disrupted when Venus retrograde begins (via MindBodyGreen).

Air signs will be tasked with introspection during Venus retrograde

Venus is the planet of love, and this planet shares its name with the Roman goddess Venus, who was the goddess of love. It's during a retrograde when her powers are at their strongest, which can lead to chaos. However, the strongest energy won't affect us until the end of the retrograde (via The New York Post). Its power increases the longer it's active.

For air signs, this means embarking on a contemplative journey that will climax in late January 2022, per Bustle. Aquarius, for example, may need to find more personal time. They can't handle and/or heal their relationships if they aren't whole and happy, and this retrograde will afford them the time and mental capacity to complete this self-evaluation.

For Geminis, this journey involves examining the people in your life and determining who receives your time and energy. Then, Libras must uncover what it is that makes them feel safe in their relationships so they can hone in on and foster those aspects. Libras will feel this stronger than the other two air signs because this sign is governed by Venus (while Mercury governs Gemini and Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, per The New York Post).

All of these signs will be tasked with introspection, which can be hard for air signs. Despite being free-thinking and always moving where they'll flourish, they often focus on their passions, not their thoughts. It might be challenging, but it'll be worth it.