How To Pick The Right Type Of Corset For You

Corsets have always been a staple in the fashion world. From Victorian royalty to pinups, the fashion item has made a statement all throughout time. It's now getting a fashion moment in a new way. Gone are the days of wearing them under huge ball gowns and garter belts. Of course, that's still a totally acceptable way to wear the item. But if you're looking for a more modern way to nail the trend, you could just wear as a top over a pair of high-waisted jeans. 

No matter how you're looking to wear a corset, shopping for the item can be a bit confusing. Whether you're looking to nail the traditional style or a get a little more trendy, there's a special way to pick out the perfect corset. Some fits will have you measuring the shape of your bust, while others are all about your shirt size (via Allure).

Here's how to find the perfect corset for your body type and navigate the sizes — no matter what look you're going for. 

Traditional corsets are all about the measurements

While you might have the picture of a traditional corset in your head, it turns out that there are tons of different styles out there. According to Fashion in Time, there are actually 14 different types of corsets. Some of them are extremely specific styles, like the Guepiere, which was created by Christian Dior, or the Edwardian, which gives the body an "S" shape (via Fashion in Time). 

Others are more traditional, like the Hourglass style, which is your traditional Kim Kardashian look (via InStyle). There's also the ribbon corset, which is known as a much more modern design. Because it has ribbons and isn't tight like a shoelace, it's typically more comfortable.

If you're looking to shop one of these traditional corsets, it's all about getting your measurements right. According to Orchard Corset, you'll need to measure your underbust, natural waist, upper hip, and torso length. A corset that is made for support is all about having it fit your body and work under clothing. A traditional corset is definitely the most complicated to buy, but doing it right will pay off if this is the look you're going for. 

The modern corset goes by shirt sizing

Of course, there's also a much trendier way to nail the corset look. The modern corset is alive and well. If you're looking for a sexy piece of clothing to wear on its own, there are more options now than ever. When you think of your traditional corset, it's typically extremely structured and meant to go under clothing. Now, corsets are a fashion statement of their own.

Brands like Free People and SKIMS have taken the traditional look and turned it into, well, a shirt option. These corsets typically have a super structured design to them. Fashion corsets are a bit more relaxed fitting. They also aren't as hard to find your size in. Many of them come in your traditional shirt sizes, ranging from XXS to 5X, depending on where you shop. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for one of these trendier corsets is to make sure your bust fits. Thankfully, sites that are selling these style of tops will most likely have a size guide attached with it. 

Some corsets also go by dress size

Some corsets, especially more trendier styles, are all about dress sizes. So you'll need to know your dress size for shopping this corset. You'll find sizing in the typical 0 to 24 styles, meaning that you'll buy your traditional size (via Princess Polly). Many of these styles are lace-up or tie-up, so you'll want to size down if you're looking for the perfect fitted look. 

Basically, if you know your dress size, shirt size, and how to measure yourself, then you can easily nail any corset trend. No matter which style you're looking for, that's the basics of corset sizing. Or course, there's no wrong way to wear one when it comes to fashion. You can easily wear them as loose to tight as you'd like. 

Whether you're shopping at fast fashion brands or having a custom corset built on Etsy, there are endless possibilities out there. The biggest thing to remember is to just have fun with it.