The Best Clarisonic Cleansing Brush Alternatives

Say it ain't so! Much to many a beauty lover's disappointment, cleansing brush brand Clarisonic is closing shop. As per CNN, fans of the brushes are freaking out, scouring resale sites in search of replacement brush heads to last a lifetime. While Clarisonic's inventory sold out the day they announced the brushes were being discontinued, according to Allure, it's almost impossible now to find defunct Clarisonic's products online. An eBay search shows that some are reselling Clarisonic brushes and accessories for hundreds of dollars, prompting skincare expert and Topicals founder Olamide Olowe to tell Beauty Independent, "It's the death of an era." As many die-hard Clarisonic fans can attest to, Olowe explained that the brushes were "a huge cultural mainstay in the beauty world," but the brand was growing too slowly for parent company L'Oreal to keep it running. Still, the devices were loved by the skincare-obsessed and dermatologists alike — so consider us shocked.

Clarisonic was adored by celebrities and us mere mortals, with actress Kristen Bell telling Bustle that she is "absolutely addicted" to the brushes. She explained, "the Clarisonic allows me enough turnover of my skin cells each day without it being irritated," and that, "if it ever breaks, I'll have to buy it on the black market — hell or high water, I will have one of them in my hands." Well, then! While you can always check out a resale site for the now-discontinued products, we've found cheaper, incredible dupes that are so good you won't have to.

Smooth silicone facial brush tools

Some of the most popular facial cleansing tools today are made out of buttery silicone for gentle exfoliation. Some believe these very tools edged Clarisonic out of the picture. In fact, silicone brush brand PMD's founder Sam Alexander told Beauty Independent that Clarisonic became "a dinosaur" in the industry in comparison to the market's new offerings. As explained by Health, silicone versions are more environmentally-friendly since you don't need brush head replacements, and they are easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Convinced yet? Here are the best silicone facial brushes on the market.

If looking for one of the best Clarisonic dupes, look no further than PMD's Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device ($99). While Health reports that users see this device as "an upgrade" to their trusty Clarisonics, it is gentle for sensitive skin, vibrates 7,000 times a minute for a powerful clean, and dermatologist Julia Tzu even says it can be used for lymphatic drainage. Bustle calls PMD's handle more "convenient" than other options, and will safely get down to the nitty-gritty of every last pore. It is odor-resistant and waterproof, and has a two-sided head for smooth massaging or epic exfoliation.

Similar to the PMD but in a cute handheld shape, FOREO's Luna 3 for Normal Skin ($199) is another great buy. As per Clothed Up, this brush delivers a whopping 8,000 vibrations a minute and is light enough to pack in your carry-on. Plus, Bustle editors say FOREO is an "industry fave."

These compact, on-the-go brushes are perfect for travel

Let's say you do want a facial brush that's lightweight and great for jetting off to your latest destination — but you can't let go of Clarisonic-style traditional brush attachments. The silicone versions might pique your interest, but maybe you fear missing out on classic bristle brush foam-action and the deepest of cleans. Not to fret — we've found the best options.

Clarisonics are amazing and will always have a place in our hearts as the tools that finally got rid of our high school breakouts (hallelujah!) and unclogged our pores to perfection. Still, we must admit that the brand's tools are kind of clunky, heavy, difficult to travel with, and aren't very convenient as a facial brush for on-the-go purposes. That's why we love Magnitone London's First Step Skin-Balancing Compact Cleansing Brush ($47.70), a positively-tiny tool that fits in the palm of your hand (via Bustle). This brush is soft and just the thing for daily cleansing, delivers powerful pulses, features silver ions that prevent 99.9% of bacteria from forming on the bristles, can be used in the shower, and is easily charged with a USB cable.

If you have really sensitive skin, you might want to try a non-vibrating tool instead. Shiseido's Cleansing Massage Brush ($25) is a high-quality manual option made out of super-smooth, gentle bristles. According to Clothed Up, this tool makes sure you never strip skin of crucial oils, and Spy says the handle is comfortable to hold, too.

Money-saving, to-the-point facial tools with two brushes

From Noah's ark to slices of birthday cake, everything is better in pairs. That's why we love the idea of classic facial cleansing tools that include two brush attachments for cost-effective appeal. Plus, buying one of these brushes is a one-and-done approach: You won't have to think about buying replacements for months. Even better? We found tools that are seriously low-priced, with reviews that show expensive isn't always better. 

LAVO's Facial Cleansing Brush ($19.97) is the most wallet-friendly option on our list, and more than 1,000 5-star Amazon reviews say it clears up "stubborn acne and texture" and leads to remarkable "skin improvement." La Passion Voûtée recommends this tool for being budget-happy, especially if you want a two-speed vibration system for all the options. Adjust the settings to suit your desired exfoliation level, massaging in your favorite cleanser with maximum foaminess. You can use this brush in the shower (win!) and its double brush system means you can pick between soft bristles and a firmer one for deep scrubbing.

When in doubt, Olay is a mainstay brand for a reason, and their Facial Cleansing Brush ($24.44) is no exception. This brush is designed by dermatologists to not mess with your skin's important barrier function, is water-resistant, and also comes with two speeds for choosing your adventure everyday. As per Life Savvy, this tool is similar to the Clarisonic, and the nylon bristles will feel familiar in the best way.

These cleansing brushes feel super luxe

You might prefer cleansing brushes that feel super luxurious, almost like you graduated from Clarisonic college and are off to bigger, more glamorous things. We'll always love our Clarisonic days, but new tools on the market protect your skin from over-exfoliation, feel sturdier, and are majorly aesthetically-pleasing to boot. 

As recommended by Life Savvy, Michael Todd's Beauty Soniclear Petite Facial Cleansing Brush System ($119) is pricey, but effective. As per the outlet, this is the best Clarisonic dupe money can buy, featuring an unbeatable 18,000 pulses a minute and a three-mode vibration speed system. Got back from a trip and dealing with clogged pores? Rev up the engine! Feel like your skin is getting irritated by simply existing? This tool's gentle option is so soft you'll never have to give it up no matter what your skin's state is. Moreover, this tool emits a sound when you've cleaned one area for too long, preventing aggravating your complexion. You also receive an infusion head to massage in serums and moisturizers, a USB charging cable, and a travel case.

Although at a lower price point, My Life My Shop Ultimate Spin Facial Cleansing Brush ($29.99) feels downright-opulent with a travel case, adjustable speed modes, and three brush heads: Use the soft nylon attachment for cleansing, the rougher-bristled one for exfoliation, and the silicone one for massaging in your skincare routine. La Passion Voûtée says this product is comparable to much more expensive facial tools.

Cleansing brushes for face and body

You might prefer Clarisonic cleansing brush dupes that step it up a notch: Why not go for a brush that works for the face and body? We've uncovered options that will get you exfoliated from head to toe, and we're just wondering where these tools have been all our lives.

Try Fancii's 7 in 1 Waterproof Electric Facial & Body Cleansing Brush Exfoliating Kit ($29.99) if you want a spa session in one tool. As per Spy, this cleansing brush offers the best range of attachments on the market, and at less than $30, what's not to love? This brush is battery-operated so no charging needed, is water-resistant, and has two speed settings for choosing between gentle or intense exfoliation. Plus, it comes with a whopping seven attachment heads. Use the nylon-bristle head for washing your face, the larger body brush in lieu of a scrub, the pumice for your feet, the silicone and foam heads with skincare products, and the massager for utmost relaxation. More than 5,000 reviews say this is "one of the best brushes" available.

Almost as option-filled with five attachment options, Etereauty's 5 in 1 Facial Care Massager ($28.99) is waterproof, features two speed styles, and includes attachments for face and body to get your skin gleaming all over. As per La Passion Voûtée, you can also use this in the shower, and will love the fine-bristled brushes for all-over cleaning.