What Does A Peony Tattoo Really Mean?

Floral tattoos can be presented in a variety of designs and art styles, and are rooted heavily in tattoo history. According to Custom Tattoo Design, flowers and fauna found their origins in tribal tattooing, and served "as a reminder of one's origins," as in "coming from a place where a specific plant grows." Flowers would eventually become a regular staple in American traditional tattooing too, utilizing thick lines and bold colours to depict flora like roses, primrose, and pink cherry blossom (via The Trendspotter).

As has always been the case with tattooing, design trends change. Minimalism is now one of the more popular art forms for tattooing, notes Vivid Ink, and flowers have become a staple of that art style. Whether designed with thin lines and no color, or no lines and a watercolor style, flowers are often the perfect subject. As Outsons notes, people tend to gravitate towards their favorite flower or identify with the meaning that certain flora connote.

This includes the peony, a flower native to Asia, Europe, and North America (via Appleyard London). But what can a peony tattoo symbolize?

The peony flower carries a lot of meanings from around the world

Known for their large blossoms, the peony is a flower that comes in over 30 different species in a variety of bright colors (via Britannica). While not one of the most common flowers to have tattooed, it has become a popular option thanks the meaning it can carry. According to Bloom and Wild, the peony flower has a variety of meanings across the world including ones rooted in myth and fairytales, as well as wealth in countries like Japan and China. It's also the state flower of Indiana, as noted on the state's official website.

But in general, the flower can mean "prosperity, good luck, love and honor", which are often the cornerstones of tattoo ideas. According to Inked Mag, it can also mean "a happy life, a happy marriage, prosperity, and compassion," while AuthentInk adds that it can be a "strong symbol of beauty, fragility and transitory nature of existence" when made the focal point of a tattoo.