The Ultimate Gift Guide For An Aries

Ah, Aries: the fire sign, born between March 21 and April 19, who not only leads the zodiac but expects to lead every line and every group they ever find themselves in (via Allure). Represented by the Ram, these bold babes butt their way through any obstacle, real or perceived, ever put in their way. While their quick temper earns them the reputation of being hot heads, once they've expressed what they need to express, they immediately become the innately loving, warm, enthusiastic, caring, intuitive people they are at heart.

Aries babies are direct in their communication and don't play games. This makes them loyal, honest, supportive friends and partners who are always willing to cheer you on and also deliver a swift kick to the rear end when you need it. They are playful people who love parties and adventures but who can also find peace and tranquility in quiet solitude with a good book or on a woodland hike. 

If you're looking to excite your favorite Aries this holiday season, here are some perfect ideas to get you started!      

Aries loves adventure

Aries thirsts for adventure, and they aren't remotely afraid to chase it (via YourTango). Whether tackling a massive hike, cliff jumping into the ocean, or skydiving (literally), you can often find this fire sign in the great outdoors doing something intense to get that hit of adrenaline. Adventure can also look like an impromptu road trip across the country to see their favorite band or traveling alone to a new country on a whim. "I'll try anything once" definitely applies to Aries. 

To help Aries feed their wild side, consider booking a trip the two of you can take to somewhere they've never been. Or book an excursion doing something they've never done, like SCUBA diving or whitewater rafting. You could also consider simply adding a surprise factor to a gift they asked you for (as Aries are pretty direct and may have simply told you what they want this year). For instance, if they told you they want the new album by their favorite band on vinyl, you could throw in concert tickets to get that excitement pumping. Or if they are expecting new hiking boots, also gift them the promise of accompanying them on a weekend hiking and camping trip somewhere new, expenses on you.     

Aries loves a party

The party don't start til Aries walks in. These boistrous babes can light up a room while simultaneously making everyone laugh and wowing them with their outlandish outfit (via Elite Daily). They can turn even the dullest get-together into a bonafide bash you'll be telling stories about for years to come. As such, Aries like to host gatherings for people they love and like to go out and have fun, so the gift options here are pretty plentiful! 

If your Aries is the host or hostess with the mostest, buy them a beautiful new set of cocktail glasses or a new barware set. Pick them up a flashy apron with something clever and raunchy written across it (they have fantastic senses of humor) and a matching set of kitchen tools. If they love to go out dancing, take them on a little shopping spree for two to find the perfect outfits and then go hit the dance floor with them. While Aries is always the life of the party, they especially love getting their fun on with someone they adore.  

Aries loves self expression and the arts

Aries is fueled by a burning creative fire (via Times of India), and they also tend to really appreciate creativity in others. Being the center of attention is the most comfortable place for an Aries, so don't be surprised if you find them center-stage (literally) as actors, musicians, dancers, or other types of performers. That said, Aries also tend to be deep-feelers and very intelligent. They are also excellent and direct communicators, for this reason, you may also find they have a love of pursuits like writing poetry or personal essays. 

Buying a special edition of a book by your Aries' favorite author is a wonderful gift idea, as is giving them a new leather-bound journal if they like to write themselves. Concert tickets have been mentioned, but bear repeating, as Aries love their favorite performers with an unsurpassed passion. Ditto for tickets to the theater or a dance performance if these are art forms they enjoy.    

Aries is driven

Aries' passion, drive, and ambition is unparalleled in the zodiac world; they are first in the zodiac and they strive to be first in all areas of life (via Allure). Whatever their dream is, they will grab hold of it and never let go, using those strong ram horns to butt through any obstacle in their path. As such, they push, push, push themselves harder than anyone else you're likely to meet, and as fun-loving and fancy-free as they can appear sometimes, they tend to be harder on themselves than you might realize. 

They do want and expect to be first in line, the leader of the pack, and top of the heap, but they don't feel entitled to that; they expect to work their tails off to earn it. And they usually do. As such, encouraging your Aries to take the downtime they probably desperately need is one of the kindest things you can do for them. They may not always be able to justify a real break to themselves, so helping them feel empowered to rest is a loving thing to do. 

Consider booking a spa day for them or suggesting the two of you go out into nature for a while, not with a purpose (like hiking a tall peak), but just to enjoy the sun and the air and the flowers. Bring a picnic and some music with you, and give your Aries a much needed day off from their own intense ambition.