Meet Naomi Burton-Crews, Terry Crews' Daughter

Aside from being one of the most recognizable faces on television, Terry Crews is a dedicated family man. In the '80s, Crews met his wife Rebecca King while they were both attending Western Michigan University (via Good Housekeeping) where he was playing football and she was studying music and theater. By 1990, the couple were married and welcomed their first child, a daughter called Azriel, to the world.


Together, the couple has five children. But prior to their relationship, King had a daughter with Charles Burton (via Celeb Gossip). Naomi Burton-Crews was born in 1989 (via Thrillng) and became the football player's stepdaughter once he and her mom tied the knot a year later. According to Thrillng, Burton and King were married for some time but divorced when Naomi was a baby.

While she was out of the spotlight for the majority of her childhood, Naomi would go on to appear in the reality TV series "The Family Crews" (via Biography Pedia), which started airing in 2010.

Naomi Burton-Crews is mom to Terry and Rebecca's first grandchild, Miley Crews

There's yet to be a third season of the show, and since appearing on the reality series Naomi Burton-Crews has kept a relatively private life. She's currently raising a daughter, Miley Crews, who is Terry Crews and Rebecca King's first grandchild (via The Sun). Not much is known about her, but fans were able to catch a glimpse of Miley when she was a baby in 2010 when the Crews fam appeared on the red carpet during an event.


When asked how he felt about being a grandfather, Crews told Hip Hollywood that he "felt like [he'd] be older" but he felt great about having another baby in the family. King, on the other hand, was not used to being called grandma just yet. "I love her to death, but call me something besides grandma!" King went on to share that one of her girlfriends said she should call her "Glam-ma" instead.