The Real Reason Peloton Instructor Denis Morton Cut His Hair

Peloton instructor Denis Morton's focus in his teaching is outlined on the Peloton blog: "I want riders to be physically challenged and I like to think that they're going to have themselves pushed to that focal point where everything else has to fall away." And he gets people motivated by "remind[ing] people that you know your comfort zone. You can either stay there or rise; your potential is yours!" With his motivational skills and energy, he, like so many of Peloton's charismatic instructors, has loads of fans.

One Redditor described him like this: "Denis Morton is a beautiful man. I've felt encouraged by every instructor, loved by some and coached by others. But Denis does all three simultaneously and that's his gift. It's such a rare gift, that I am willing to overlook the man bun."

Morton's long hair is often styled in, yes, the somewhat controversial man bun and sometimes in a ponytail, and he's become known for his luscious locks as much as for his workouts. But riders were surprised to see Morton without his signature long hair, recently. 

Denis Morton grows his hair long to donate it

"Let's take a moment to talk about the elephant on my head," Morton said at the start of one ride where he gave some background on why his long hair was cut short (via Facebook).

Apparently, even though lots of people got used to seeing Morton with long hair, when Morton first started at Peloton a couple of years ago, his hair was short, but he let it grow out. Morton also acknowledged that people started to recognize him for that long hair, but he said "my hair doesn't define me."

It turns out Morton grows his hair to be able to donate it; "it's a gift I can give other people ... and I don't have to pay for it," he explained.

His actions inspired others; one Facebook commenter said "You've inspired me to grow my hair and donate it." And another wrote "Your messages are so impactful. At least one pearl of wisdom you give in each class resonates and sticks in my cluttered mind. Thank you for passing the candle to us every time!"