The Perfect Gifts To Give Someone With An Acts Of Service Love Language

We all have an idea of what we deem as the perfect gift. It could be anything from the year's trendiest bag to planned out vacation for two. How do you figure out what that is for someone else? Well, it turns out there an easy place to start. If you're looking to give the perfect gift this year, look no further than the person's love language. You don't need to pick their brains or bug them about sending you their lists. All you need to do is have them take one tiny quiz. They won't even know that you're about to give them the greatest gift.

For those that get the acts of service love language, there are some gifts that are guaranteed to hit home. According to Cosmopolitan, acts of service love language "means that you either feel loved by or enjoy caring for your loved ones by doing practical actions that will help them in some way or that you believe that they will appreciate or enjoy." That means doing things like cleaning the house or filling up their gas tank. Here's the catch — you do those things for the person without being asked.

If you're looking to nail the perfect gift, that means you'll want to go service based. It's going to take some empathy, though. You'll need to put yourself into the other person's shoes and think about what act of service they would want. Still stuck? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Put together that recipe book and buy the groceries for recipes

An easy way to make someone with the act of service love language's day is to have dinner ready for them when they get home (via Gift Willow). Unfortunately, that does really hit home on Christmas morning. Instead of having dinner made for the person when they wake up, put together that recipe book that they've been meaning to get around to. It's a sentimental act of kindness that the person won't see coming. 

Want to amp it up a bit? Pick a few recipes and stock the fridge with the ingredients to make them. That way, you guys can make some of them over the holiday break. It's a two-part gift that will give the person so much joy. 

A programmable coffee machine that's already set

If the person you're shopping for is a coffee lover, then a new coffee machine is the perfect idea. Here's the kicker, you're not just going to buy a new coffee machine. That would be too easy. Instead, grab a coffee maker that you can set to go off at the perfect time. According to Good Housekeeping, the Breville Precision Brewer is one of the perfect coffee makers for just that.

Don't just stop there, though. Instead, have the coffee maker already set up, cleaned out, and brewing when they wake up on Christmas morning. It's like an act of service that keeps on giving every morning. 

Plan a trip and wrap the itinerary

If there's one thing that people with act of service love language enjoy, it's a trip that's already planned. Because nothing says "I love you" like a weekend trip away (via Gift Willow). But when it comes to Christmas, you're going to need to think about the planning as a gift. 

Everyone likes seeing presents under the tree — even people who are an act of service love language. Take your trip one step further and print out and frame the itinerary that you've created. Not only will the person love seeing that everything is taken care of, but it's a nice little souvenir from the trip you took.

Breakfast in bed with a brand new tray and accessories

Laying low this holiday? Then we've got the perfect idea for you. If you're spending the holiday alone, as in just you two, then breakfast in bed is a great, low-key option. Don't just make it a typical breakfast in bed, though.

Instead, splurge for a special breakfast tray to commemorate the holiday, like Anthropologie's Calliope Breakfast Tray. It's a gift and an act of service all in one. You could even opt for a special plate or vase to go along with it to make it a bigger gift. 

Monthly floor or house cleaning service

There's a way to gift the act of service without doing anything at all. It might seem juvenile, but sometimes the perfect gift is doing chores for someone (via Bustle). Try gifting a monthly floor cleaning to someone for six month of a year. Or maybe it's a good bathroom scrub every few months. You can easily pay a cleaning service in advance for the person that you're gifting for. That way, you give them gift but don't actually have to do the service.

No matter what you level of service-giving is, there's an easy way to make your loved one's holiday season.