What Really Happened To Tres And Vanessa After Married At First Sight?

Every time Lifetime's "Married At First Sight" gets ready for a new season, thousands of optimistic singles apply for a chance to meet their soulmate without ever having to open a dating app. Since the show first aired in 2014, around 65,000 people have trusted the show's team of experts to find them a perfect match, according to Lifetime. Of those thousands of applicants, just a handful of hopefuls are paired up and sent down the aisle to exchange vows with a total stranger. According to Distracify, only about one-third of those couples have remained married. Often times, when it comes to the long-awaited Decision Day with the experts at the end of a season, couples will choose to remain married and later divorce, while some are still living happily ever after.

When fans were first introduced to Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell, the couple seemed like a match made in heaven. Initial sparks had viewers thinking the experts knew what they were doing when they paired Nelson and Russell from day one (via ScreenRant). Following their wedding day, Nelson, a 26 year old event coordinator, and Russell, a 27 year old luxury car salesman, made sure to sprinkle plenty of romance into their marriage throughout the televised first six weeks of their marriage.

The couple was off to a great start

The chemistry between Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell on "Married At First Sight" was obvious to viewers as the two then-strangers exchanged wedding vows on national television. In an interview with The Knot, Nelson looked back fondly on some romantic gestures she experienced in the early days of her time with Russell. "He was just really considerate; he was really thoughtful. He thought about the little things, like my favorite candies and my favorite ice cream. I would just happen to get home and my favorite ice cream would be in the freezer. He was considerate in those ways." The romance appeared to be heating up, but red flags began to raise as soon as Nelson and Russell walked down the aisle.

During the show, it came to light that Russell's decision to participate in "Married At First Sight" was impulsive, according to ScreenRant. This revelation prompted Nelson to proceed with caution in her marriage as she wasn't sure that her new husband was serious about the relationship. She began to fear that she and Russell were too different to make their marriage last. Russell was into the party lifestyle, while Nelson was looking for something more laid-back. When Decision Day came, fans weren't fully confident that this couple was going to stay together. To the surprise of many, they chose to remain married. Unfortunately, they did not get their happily every after.

Russell admitted to no longer have feelings for Nelson

Six months after the cameras stopped rolling on Season 3 of "Married At First Sight," the cast was brought back for the "Six Months Later" special to check in with the newlyweds and recent divorcees. During the filming, former fan favorites Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell confirmed that their marriage had not worked out. The pair decided to split after just two months of life without a film crew, according to The Knot. Nelson says that Russell stopped putting in effort to, as the show's experts say, grow in love, and that intimacy had disappeared from their relationship entirely. It didn't take long for their marriage to deteriorate.

The issues the newlyweds were having reached a boiling point one evening when Russell stayed out until 5 in the morning with his friends while Nelson stayed home. From there, things escalated quickly. "We got into a huge fight, and I think I was holding some things in, from our lack of intimacy and feeling kind of not so great about myself because I'm wondering why my husband doesn't wanna sleep with me. And then he let me know he kind of didn't have feelings for me. Well, he did let me know, not kind of; he did let me know that," Nelson recalls. While the couple attempted to mend their marriage after the incident, Russell admitted that he know longer had feelings for his wife and that the marriage had to come to an end.

It didn't take long for things to go wrong

When Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell confirmed their divorce on the show's reunion special, "Six Months Later," they had not been in contact since their separation was initiated. The tension between them was palpable as they spoke with "Married At First Sights"'s psychological expert Dr. Pepper about what their relationship was like post-filming, according to The Knot. Later, the two shared a dinner date where they were able to communicate in a civil manner and truly begin the process of moving on from their failed relationship.

Nelson later went on to appear in a "Married At First Sight" spinoff called "Married At First Sight: Second Chances" and got engaged to Andre Forbes, but this relationship did not last either. Nelson has since been living her single life to the fullest. She is an avid traveler, and she founded a candle company called Soul Wick Co., according to ScreenRant. Russell is now working in finance management in the automotive industry and has revealed that his relationship status is "complicated." Both appear to be doing well, and hopefully, true love will find both of these former newlyweds.