1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 - Details We Know So Far

Fueled by the success of television shows like "My 600-Lb. Life," "1000-Lb Sisters" has been showcasing the struggles and triumphs of two sisters — Amy and Tammy Slaton — whose combined weight was 1,000 pounds at the start of the first season in January 2020. According to ScreenRant, prior to appearing on "1000-Lb Sisters," Amy had her own YouTube channel. In the videos, Amy and Tammy would post makeup tutorials, life updates, and a chubby bunny challenge (in which the participants jam marshmallows or other objects into their mouths and try to say difficult phrases) that garnered millions of views.

The sisters decided to appear on their TLC reality television show to simultaneously document their pursuit of weight loss surgery and to show extreme weight loss in a different light. "Doing the show is one way to give us a different light because you can only show so much on YouTube," Amy told the Louisville Courier Journal. "This is actually day-to-day stuff that we deal with." This day-to-day stuff includes Amy's journey to having her first child and Tammy's struggle to overcome serious health issues that provide multiple setbacks on her own weight loss journey.

For those looking to binge another season of the show, this is everything you should know about the fourth season of "1000-Lb Sisters."

This is when to expect the fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters

Perhaps due to the fact that the third season of the show is currently airing on TLC, there has been no news regarding the fourth season of "1000-Lb Sisters." Despite the show's nearly instant popularity on TLC, many fans have begun to worry if the third season will be the show's last, given the fact that Amy Slaton has already met many of her weight loss goals and Tammy Slaton has struggled to meet any goals at all. In fact, as Showbiz CheatSheet reported, Tammy, who has struggled with serious health issues throughout the show (even being placed on life support after doctors discovered a blood clot in her lungs, per ScreenRant), has only gained weight since the first season of the show was filmed in 2019.

Given the fact that the show has seemed to struggle for new storylines in the third season, many fans are beginning to doubt whether a fourth season of "1000-Lb Sisters" will exist. "I don't think that stuff is decided until the current season airs [and] they see how many views they get," one person answered. "I'd like to see it keep going, because I love garbage entertainment, but it's getting to a point that unless Tammy decides to do something with her life this season, there's not much more story to tell," one fan wrote in a Reddit thread. Another Reddit user in the thread made a grim statement, saying, "I'm not sure Tammy will live long enough to see [season 4]."

Who will be appearing in the fourth season of the show?

If a fourth season of "1000-Lb Sisters" returns to TLC, it's highly likely that both Amy and Tammy Slaton will also be returning to the show, given the fact that they are the stars of the show. In the first few seasons of the show, Amy made her desire to start a family with her husband, Michael Halterman, her primary focus. Eventually, according to ScreenRant, Amy was able to get the weight loss surgery and give birth to her first child, Gage Halterman, in November 2020. Another ScreenRant article theorized that Amy and her husband could be getting ready to have another child, as Amy has said that she wants at least one more child. Tammy, on the other hand, has still not lost enough weight to receive bariatric surgery. In fact, in a recent episode of "1000-Lb Sisters" that aired earlier this month, Tammy returned from food rehab 15 pounds heavier than when she first entered the rehab, leading many to wonder if Tammy will ever lose the required weight to receive her weight loss surgery, per People.

The series also features other members of the Slaton family, like the sisters' mother, Darlene Rednour. According to ScreenRant, the sisters have a relatively strained relationship with their mother, who appeared mostly in the first season of the show to tell the sisters that they would never meet their weight loss goals. As you might imagine, her lack of support did not earn her many fans from the show.

Tammy and her controversial boyfriend recently called it quits

In Monday's episode of "1000-Lb Sisters," it was revealed that Tammy Slaton called it quits with her boyfriend, Phillip. In previous episodes, Tammy had introduced viewers to Phillip, who claimed to have a preference for dating women heavier than 300 pounds. Given this preference, though, Amy Slaton worried at first that Phillip would only make it harder for Tammy to lose weight. "I'm trying to motivate Tammy, because I do have my worries about Phillip, the new boyfriend," Amy said, according to People. "He loves big women, but she needs to lose this weight."

During Monday's episode, Tammy revealed to Amy that she had called it quits with Phillip. "We broke up," Tammy told Amy during an episode of the show, per People. "I guess you could say I did it, cause I was tired of fighting with him and he said my insecurities were my problem. And, like, at the beginning of the relationship I told him, I was like, can you promise you'll help me through my insecurities. He said it got to be too much." Later, Tammy spoke about the hurt she experienced from the breakup. "I'm very quick to trust, and that's one of my downfalls," Tammy said, per People. "So in the long run, I do end up getting hurt real hard, real bad."