How NCIS: Hawaii Fans Really Felt About Jane And Joe's Kiss

"NCIS: Hawaii" has been met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. While the show has consistently brought in viewers, enough for the show to be picked up for a full season, fans aren't exactly happy with what they're watching (via Express).

The major complaint many fans of the "NCIS" franchise have is that the show is too much like another procedural drama, "Hawaii Five-O." One fan took to Twitter, writing, "I have loved all the NCIS shows, but not this one. Too much like 'Hawaii Five-O.'" Someone else replied to that tweet, stating, "But with very poor my opinion!"

USA Today has also been critical of the similarities taken from previous "NCIS" spinoffs, as well as "Hawaii Five-O." While it's notable that the show is led by a woman, Vanessa Lachey, for the first time in franchise history, as well as has a few LGBTQIA+ characters, it seems to be met with mixed reviews from fans.

However, a new romance on the show might get fans more interested in watching the rest of the season.

Fans went wild for the new on-screen romance

While "NCIS: Hawaii" may be met with mixed reviews from fans, one storyline is getting viewers excited for more episodes (per Meaww). In a recent episode, fans watched as two of the agents, Jane (Vanessa Lachey) and Joe (Enver Gjokaj), found themselves involved in a romantic moment.

During the episode titled "Legacy," Jane and Joe went on a date. The sad news is, Joe was set to move to the Pentagon for work. After Jane and Joe kissed, fans were devastated to think Joe could be leaving a potential romance behind.

Fans took to Twitter to share their opinions (via Outsider). One fan said, "Don't let him leave almost all 'NCIS' shows give us the couple we want when one of them is leaving but please don't do that we want Jane and [Joe]." Another added, "That was FABULOUSLY NICE."

Fans enjoyed the pair getting together and are holding out hope that Joe will be able to stay in Hawaii and keep this romance going!