Are You The One? Season 10: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

When it comes to guilty pleasure shows, few are as enticing as the classic hot-people-in-a-house scenario. Gorgeous, hormonally amped-up twentysomethings with nowhere to go and not much to do are bound to find themselves in all sorts of entertaining entanglements on these reality shows. 


Case in point: "Are You The One?" The MTV dating series centers on algorithms of compatibility and has been going strong for nine seasons now. But will there be an "Are You The One?" Season 10? Here's what we know.

Each season of the show features 10 or more singles who have been analyzed by producers and a special algorithm that determines who in the house is their perfect match. But here's the kicker: the cast members aren't told who their match is. 

Throughout their time together, they work to figure out who they are best suited for, and a "matching ceremony" at the end of each episode gives the current couples either a red light or a green light to pursue something together based on their compatibility, per Insider


If the cast can work together to find all the matches within the group by the end, they split a prize of $1 million. For each incorrect guess, the prize amount is reduced, further encouraging teamwork and cooperation.

Even after nine seasons, there still seems to be demand for more "Are You The One?" But is more on its way? Here's what we know about Season 10.

What is the release date for Are You The One? Season 10?

The last episode of "Are You The One?" Season 9 aired in September 2020, per Next Season TV. Since then, MTV has yet to announce another season, but it also has yet to cancel the show, as of this writing. 


But, while there have been no formal announcements just yet, there is currently a casting call for a 10th season on the casting call website Audition Details. If there is an ongoing call to fill the slots on the show, there's a pretty good chance that another season is coming. 

"Are You The One?" Season 9 premiered in July 2020, so it's likely that a 10th season would also be released in the summer — should pandemic precautions allow for the sort of intimate encounters that the show is built on. So fans should keep an eye out for updates closer to summertime.

Who will be cast in Are You The One? Season 10?

Without any formal announcements about a new season, it goes to follow that no new "Are You The One?" cast members have been announced yet, either. But one familiar face is likely to make a return: host Terrence Jenkins. 


Better known as Terrence J, the actor, model, and entertainment reporter has gained notoriety through his various hosting roles. One of his most popular was BET's music video countdown show "106 & Park," which he appeared on from 2006 to 2012, per Famous Birthdays

Terrence J recently endured a rather traumatic event when he was the victim of an attempted robbery, per The Root. On Nov. 13, 2021, he pulled up to his home early in the morning and found himself blocked in and ordered out of the vehicle, along with his female passenger. Four men in masks, riding in a silver Jeep Cherokee, attempted to rob him before he sped away. The attackers fired shots at his vehicle. 

Everything turned out all right, but Terrence J can likely use a bit of dating show fun by hosting "Are You The One?" again.


What other details do we know about Season 10 of Are You The One?

There may be one hiccup in getting a new season of "Are You The One?" off the ground: recent allegations of drugging and sexual assault from a former contestant. 

During the filming of Season 9, the showrunners had to pause production after Gianna Hammer, a Season 5 cast member, told the Daily Beast that she was drugged by the production team and sexually assaulted by another cast member one night. Hammer said that the producers "downplayed" the alleged assault and allowed her attacker to remain on set. 


"I guess [I] really thought about it and was like, 'Wow, that was really f—ed up,'" she said. "They should have never left me in an unsafe position. I'm definitely a changed person after it all."

Prior to her Daily Beast interview, Hammer made a TikTok video about the incident and shared that she was put on a low dosage of antidepressants prior to heading to the Dominican Republic to film the show, per Insider. And, while her doctor warned her about drinking while on the medication, she did partake, as cast members are known to drink throughout the show. 

Should MTV be able to manage the bad PR associated with Hammer's allegations, more of "Are You The One?" may be on the way.