How David Eigenberg Really Felt About Stepping Back Into His SATC Role

When fans learned that "Sex and the City" would be returning with a brand-new spinoff entitled "And Just Like That," the biggest question on everyone's lips was which of our favorite characters would be returning. Due to the ongoing feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, fans could rest assured that Cattrall would not be reprising her role as saucy PR maven Samantha Jones. Luckily, Screen Rant confirmed that other fan-favorite characters would be returning, including Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis as the central trio.

Likewise, the ladies' various love interests were confirmed to be coming back, with Chris Noth returning as Mr. Big, David Eigenberg as Steve, and Evan Handler as Harry. Fans of the series know that Miranda and Steve's relationship was never smooth sailing, though it did perhaps feel the most realistic out of the other romantic pairings. The couple previously split over income disparities and personality/lifestyle differences — but eventually, they made things work and tied the knot in Season 6. Despite their happily-ever-after, returning as Miranda's husband in the "SATC" reboot was somewhat of a daunting prospect for Eigenberg.

David Eigenberg was apprehensive about returning to SATC

Although fans were excited to learn that David Eigenberg would be returning alongside onscreen wife Cynthia Nixon in the "SATC" reboot, the actor was hesitant about it. In a December 2021 interview with Us Weekly, he reasoned, "It's been 20 years since the TV show almost. It was scary." The actor elaborated, "I pop in and pop out, so I was trying to find my sea legs a little bit." Thankfully, he fell right back into it, acknowledging how great it was to be around his old colleagues again. Per Us Weekly, the New York native has appeared on 41 episodes of "SATC," as well as in the two spin-off movies.

In recent years, Eigenberg relocated to Illinois, where he nabbed a starring role as Christopher Hermann on "Chicago Fire," according to Us Weekly. To hear the actor tell it, "Chicago Fire" is a completely different ballgame to "SATC." As he told Us Weekly, "I've been doing salty, old firefighter for 10 years ... And then you know, sweet, loving, caring take it on the chin Steve. So, it was different, I kind of did a bad Brooklyn [accent] here and I do a bad Chicago dialect in Chicago. They're different!" As for where Steve and Miranda's frequently tempestuous relationship is headed, Eigenberg wouldn't say. "There's a lot of love [between them]," he teased, via Us Weekly. "There really is, and they've raised a great kid and the horizon holds the future and we'll see where they go."