Naked And Afraid Of Love Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

As if it wasn't already enough to be going on intimate dates with a stranger on national television, the "Naked and Afraid" franchise has upped the ante just a bit. In August 2021, Discovery+ debuted "Naked and Afraid of Love," per TheWrap. As you might have guessed, the contestants on the dating show attempt to survive the harsh conditions of the wilderness while naked and trying to find a love match with a complete stranger. Think of the show as equal parts "Naked and Afraid" and "Dating Naked."

In the past, only a few dating shows have forced contestants to bare it all to find love. One of these was "Dating Naked," which aired on VH1 from 2014 to 2016. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after three seasons, partly due to an unfortunate incident that involved certain private areas of one contestant not being fully blurred out by producers, according to Entertainment Weekly. "Naked and Afraid of Love" was created by the team behind the "Naked and Afraid" franchise, which has now been around since 2013.

Naked and Afraid of Love has been renewed for a second season

Back in September 2021, Deadline reported that Discovery+ had renewed "Naked and Afraid of Love" for a second season. As previously mentioned, the first season of the show debuted in August 2021 and ended with a reunion show that aired in November. No premiere date has been set for the second season as of publication. Though the first season of the show took place in the Philippines, there is a possibility that a new location will be selected for the second season.

"We are thrilled to see audiences coming to discovery+ for 'Naked and Afraid of Love,'" Nancy Daniels, the chief brand officer of Discovery and Factual, said in a press release, per Deadline. "A hit franchise on linear, we were excited to explore and lean into what 'Naked and Afraid' could be specifically on discovery+ and it is gratifying to see the creative and strategy payoff. This is where it gets fun, finding creative ways to fuel both of our streaming and linear businesses, and the team is excited to see what else is possible."

Who will be appearing in the second season of the show?

At this point, the cast members set to appear in the second season of the show have yet to be announced. In the first season of the show, eight single women and eight single men had their first kisses, fights, and plenty of complications, according to a press release from the Discovery Channel. Though the show begins with the cast members being divided into eight couples, the complications begin when the couples eventually encounter each other in the wild (cue the love triangles!). The first season of the show featured an eclectic mix of singles, like a former Miss Hawaii pageant queen, a life coach, a surf instructor, a firefighter, and a video game developer, according to Discovery+.

Cast member Bennett Murphy spoke about his experience on the show in an Instagram post. "Wait, I just had the weirdest dream," Murphy wrote in the post. "I was thrown into the pacific wilderness with 15 strangers, they were the most incredible people, we had so many crazy adventures, felt every emotion on spectrum: joy, pain, anger, love, and get this ... we were all naked!"

One of the couples experienced quite a bit of post-show drama

Though they seemed to hit it off on the show, Jay and Cassalei did not exactly get along after the show concluded. In a length Instagram post, Cassalei explained why the pair only lasted one week outside of the show. "He stopped showing me attention, even before the flight home, our hotel rooms were right next to each other and he didn't talk to me at all," Cassalei said in the Instagram post. "Everyone who was with us can attest that he did NOT act like we were together at any point in LA or Nashville, he had been asked to be more attentive to me by our friends, and instead left me blacked out drunk and phoneless so he could dance with and exchange Instagrams with other girls."

However, while Jay also failed to pay attention to her and openly flirted with other women, Cassalei does openly admit that their relationship initially ended after she kissed another person. According to a Reddit thread, Cassalei reportedly kissed another "Naked and Afraid of Love" cast member, Stefan. "I thought Jay had commitment issues, but for Cassalei to cheat right off the bat, AND with Stefan of all people?! Come on girl, for shame," a Reddit user commented in the thread.

Will Season 2 bring drama like this? We'll just have to stay tuned.