The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Scorpio

Ah, Scorpios. If you are close to one, you likely understand why these fiery, passionate, powerful water signs are often mistaken for fire signs (via Allure). While this intensity and drive can make the scorpion of the zodiac formidable, when they channel that energy toward a career or passion, or invest it in a personal connection with a friend or lover, it can create such deep, beautiful, meaningful connection that it is likely never to be surpassed or forgotten. 


Where it comes to the people they love, this water sign is immensely loyal, empathetic, and protective. They show up for you when you're down, they listen and offer intelligent, wise advice when you're working through things, and they will always be in your corner. You would be hard pressed to find a better friend, lover, sibling, or parent. If you are shopping for a very special Scorpio this season and want to give them something worthy of the loving, passionate presence they are in your life, we have some great gift ideas to get you started! 

Scorpios are passionate about their interests

While it's safe to say most people, regardless of their sign, are into their respective interests, Scorpios are really really into whatever it is they are into (via Cosmopolitan). And most likely at least some of their interests lean toward the dark and mysterious, and almost certainly toward the sensual. Scorpios are highly intelligent and love learning more and more and more about their passions, so getting them something that will help them do a deep dive into something they love would always be appreciated.


If they love true crime, consider critically acclaimed books on some of the most fascinating cases like "The Devil in The White City" or the classic "In Cold Blood." If they've read them, perhaps dive deeper by finding books that further analyze the cases in detail. If they are interested in spirituality, consider crystals or stones that might most resonate with Scorpio, or oracle or tarot cards with a theme you particular scorpion would appreciate.

Similarly, if they are pursuing advanced education (many scorpios love to learn endlessly), consider helping them to fund a field trip of sorts to help them get real-world experience related to their field of study. For instance, if they are studying Argentinian culture, buy them tango lessons. If they are studying renaissance theater, consider tickets to the lates Broadway revival of a Shakespearian classic.      


Scorpios are highly sensual

Scorpios are known to be highly sensual people (via The Huntington News), and not simply in the experiential way that Tauruses are famously sensual; Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet that ruled destruction and rebirth (intense, right?). So when Scorpios are craving sensual experience, it usually goes beyond simply enjoying an experience; they are hoping to feel truly transformed. This can apply to everything from an intimate encounter with a partner to a fancy dinner out. They are looking to find meaning in all of their sensory experiences. 


As such, if you have a parter who is a scorpio, booking an overnight in a beautiful hotel and planing candles, wine, and plenty of one-on-one time would be deeply appreciated. If your beloved scorpio is the platonic sort, consider preparing them a special dinner that they love and engaging in deep conversation. If they have often talked about trying a new restaurant or a type of food that would be new to them, setting a reservation and making that happen for them would also help them broaden their horizons while allowing them to indulge in a new sensory experience.  

Scorpios need a break

All that intensity, all the time? It can be exhausting for Scorpios. They hold themselves to incredibly high standards where it comes to their careers, their relationships, and their personal goals and hobbies (via YourTango). They are pretty much always calculating, planing, and actively working toward goals and dreams that they hold close to their hearts. They want to always make sure they are giving 110% of what they have to each person and endeavor they care about, and they can sometimes forget to take the time they need to rest, even feeling guilty for doing so. 


To help your overworked Scorpio take some needed downtime, you could book a spa day for the two of you where you can go and have a massage together, have some tea, get a facial, and enjoy a mani/pedi while relaxing in one another's energy. You could also get them outside; this water sign loves beaches, rivers, pools. and lovely weather that lets them stretch out in the sun and, for lack of a better word, purr. If you guys are staying in these days, set up a spa night at home with special bath salts, fresh brewed tea, and home skin treatments. Simply send the message to your beloved scorpion that they are worth investing in, just as much as all of their obligations are.