The Ultimate Gift Guide For An Aquarius

If you are lucky enough to have an Aquarius in your life, you already know how kind they are (via Cosmopolitan). Those born between January 21 and February 19 are known for having true and pure intentions. They're upfront and honest, and you'll never have to wonder where you stand with an Aquarius because they will tell you. However, they'll do so in a kind way.

With such great traits, it's no surprise that an Aquarius makes a great friend. Aside from treating you like gold, your Aquarius friend, sibling, or partner likely gives you space in a way that isn't distancing, but an attempt to avoid smothering you (via Your Tango).

While it is likely you consider your Aquarius friend to be a gift that keeps on giving in your life, it can be hard to figure out the perfect gift to give them. However, these thoughtful people will love a sentimental gift.

Make a donation to charity in their name

The kind and gentle Aquarians are known as humanitarians (via Cosmopolitan). They have a strong appreciation for the world we live in and the well-being of everyone in it. Due to such a passion for helping others, you could make a charitable donation in their name.

The Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, which is a mystical healer (via Allure). This connection to the mystical healer makes them the most humanitarian sign. They can be revolutionary thinkers, finding passion behind issues of social justice and caregiving to those in need.

If this sounds like the perfect description of your Aquarius BFF, making a charitable donation in their name would be the perfect gift. Is your person passionate about social justice issues? Try donating to groups like the American Civil Liberties Union. Are they the type that wishes they could bring home every stray animal? Donate to a local animal shelter or rescue in your city. A thoughtful gift that gives back to those in need would be an ideal gift for the Aquarius in your life.

Find them a unique item at a thrift store

An Aquarius is known for their offbeat personality (via Allure). They are not the type to conform to society, and that spreads into their fashion tastes. This person likely shudders at the thought of shopping at a department store. They want a burst of color, unusual silhouette, and an edgy feel to their everyday outfits. They're not the type to shop off the rack.

The best place to find a cute outfit or accessory for the Aquarius in your life? The thrift store! If you know them well enough, you can find them a fun and unique piece at your local vintage or thrift store. This sign likes to wear things others would find out of the ordinary, so they would love a creative gift from a non-mainstream story (via Indastro Astrology).

If you're worried about picking out the perfect piece for them, make it a fun shopping trip for both of you! Gift them a voucher for a day of thrift shopping. You're sure to give them their favorite gift this year if you do!

Make them a self-care basket

The humanitarian heart of the Aquarius in your life can be a gift to all the people who know them. However, the sign known for being so friendly and thoughtful can also thrive on their own (via Cosmopolitan). Plus, it can be exhausting dedicating most of your time to humanitarian issues.

Due to these factors, treating the Aquarius on your gift-giving list to some self-care items can be beneficial (via Bustle). It will not only allow them to relax, but it will also encourage them to take that alone time they often crave but fail to prioritize since they are often thinking of others before themselves.

Handcrafting the perfect self-care basket would be the perfect gift for an Aquarius. Make them a care package with a bath bomb or bath salts, their favorite relaxing tea or alcoholic beverage, and a sheet mask would be a thoughtful way of showing them how much you appreciate all that they do, but that they need to make sure they are taking care of themselves along the way!