Here's What Hailey Bieber Looks Like In Real Life Vs. Instagram

Whenever a tabloid chooses to share a photo of any given celebrity in their natural, unedited element, we feel two things. Firstly, disappointed in the public shaming nature of it, but more importantly, we feel at ease to know that it really is true: celebrities, they're just like us. There's a comfort to knowing that these perfectly flawless celebrities we idealize can actually also have the same natural flaws we all do.

Now, in some cases, the extremes are more exaggerated. Sometimes celebrities seem unrecognizable in their FaceTuned Instagram shots, and we're made to feel a little worse about having that pimple or having a bit of cellulite. Which is why it's so refreshing to see more and more stars choosing to point out and highlight their flaws to clear any doubt from our minds. So when a celebrity like Hailey Bieber garners as much of a following as she has, and finds herself as the beauty standard for many young women, it's great to see her use that influence to normalize natural beauty.

Hailey Bieber posts a healthy balance of glam and natural photos

While we can't exactly claim that Hailey Bieber has a relatable or attainable standard of beauty, we can still appreciate her often showing herself makeup and glam-free. Scrolling through Bieber's Instagram you'll find almost an equal amount of natural relaxed photos as there are pre-event full glam photos (via Harper's Bazaar). Which is why when photos like the one above are released of Bieber out and about looking natural, the differences just aren't that shocking anymore.

Bieber has definitely been blessed with impeccable bone structure and natural beauty, which undoubtedly leads to people questioning just how natural she is. Clapping back at an Instagram post comparing an old to a current photo of her, Bieber commented, "Stop using pics that are edited by makeup artists! This photo on the right is NOT what I look like...I've never touched my face so if you're gonna sit around and compare me at 13, and then me at 23, at least use a natural photo that wasn't edited so crazy," (via Instagram).

It's refreshing to scroll through Bieber's Instagram to find countless photos that match this exact paparazzi shot above. She maintains a very transparent and clear image of how she can look when all of the makeup and glamorous dresses are out of shot.