Is ColourPop Pretty Fresh Concealer Worth It?

We love ColourPop Cosmetics for their on-trend colors, high-quality products in a diverse range of shades, and affordable prices. It is impossible to love makeup and not own something from this beauty brand because they are everywhere. From über-successful collaborations with Disney to having the ultimate dupe to Kylie Jenner's lip kit, according to StyleCaster, ColourPop has managed to become one of the most popular beauty brands online in a very short time (via Achona Online). With their massively loyal following, low cost, and high-end products, it looks like ColourPop Cosmetics is here to stay.

This beauty brand came in hot with their bright eyeshadows and matte lip colors, but their new face makeup quickly gained a strong fanbase as well. It seems the ColourPop Pretty Fresh Concealer is even following the footsteps of higher-end products like ILIA Beauty and Kosas Cosmetics by adding skincare benefits to their makeup (via Women's Health). The ColourPop Cosmetics Pretty Fresh Creamy Concealer has hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and coconut water to support skin softness. Did we mention that we love the multitasking products that take care of our skin as they make us look more beautiful with their colors? With all those pros and benefits combined, the concealer retails for only $9, and that is not bad at all. All this and more from a local, cruelty-free brand.

ColourPop pretty fresh concealer has skincare benefits and is available in 30 shades

We love the affordable and magical Pretty Fresh Concealer because it provides full coverage with a natural-looking finish, so you don't look like you have too much makeup on. It is also creamy, which makes it very blendable. What's most impressive is that ColourPop has made this concealer available in 30 shades, so it is impossible not to find one made just for you. Talk about being inclusive. We are so impressed, ColourPop! And for bonus points, it also has hyaluronic acid and coconut water to keep the skin hydrated and soft. But don't just take our word for it. 

Byrdie loves this ultra-light feeling, creamy concealer because it makes you look radiant and conceals redness as well as dark circles. It is also oil-free and dermatologist tested. PopSugar included this creamy concealer among the best ColourPop products that people will love and can afford because it is just so hydrating. Allure also loves this wallet-friendly, hydrating concealer because it is never cakey or flakey and blends seamlessly.

It is no surprise StyleCaster chose this concealer as one of the best ColourPop Cosmetics you need in your life. Plus, it works on all skin types. For the quality, cost, and range of colors, the ColourPop Pretty Fresh Concealer is definitely worth it. If you prefer a more matte coverage and a blurring effect, you can also try their ColourPop Matte Full-Coverage Concealer ($7), which is also available in 30 different shades.