David Eigenberg Reveals What It Was Like To Work With Cynthia Nixon

"Sex and the City" is ultimately a show about friendship. As Charlotte Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) once said during the series (via Bustle), "Maybe we can be each other's soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with." Her friends Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) all readily agreed.

But while there's a focus on friendship, there's no shortage of hunky men on the set of "Sex and the City," either. Throughout the show, the four female leads have their fair share of both one-night stands and long-term relationships — but perhaps the most tortured among them is Bradshaw's on-again, off-again union with Aidan Shaw (John Corbett). After meeting and falling in love in the show's third season, Shaw is ready to commit to Bradshaw. The only problem? She cheats on him with her other on-again, off-again flame: Mr. Big (Chris Noth). After splitting in Season 4, Shaw and Bradshaw eventually reunite in the second "Sex and the City" film, at which point Bradshaw goes home to her current husband, Mr. Big. But if you ask Corbett, Bradshaw made the right choice. "There's no other way for that formula to go down except for with Mr. Big ... It wouldn't have been a good show if she ended up with [Aidan]" Corbett said in a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight. Mr. Big and Carrie weren't the show's only recurring couple though ... what about Steve and Miranda?

David Eigenberg has a close, working relationship with Cynthia Nixon

Another on-again, off-again pair during the show's tenure is Miranda and Steve (David Eigenberg). Although the two had a rocky road, they tied the knot in the final season of "Sex and the City" — before splitting and eventually reuniting in the first "Sex and the City" movie. While it's unclear what the future holds for Miranda and Steve in the reboot, one thing is certain: Eigenberg is happy to have returned to the "SATC" universe. "I really love that show," Eigenberg told Us Weekly in March 2021. "I think it's really interesting that they've brought it back." As he told the outlet, the actor is especially happy to have the chance to reunite with his former co-star and onscreen love interest, Cynthia Nixon. "[She's] a dream to work with," he shared.

It seems that Eigenberg can't contain his love for his onscreen wife IRL, either. "I can tell you that she's looking pretty fine," he teased, when asked about Nixon on E! News' Daily Pop in September 2021. "I just got my first issue of AARP, so I know they're [the female leads] doing much better than me. They've got people taking care of them. I've got nobody taking care of me," he added.