How Old Is Kodi Lee?

The hit reality competition series "America's Got Talent" has introduced us to some of the industry's most talented people, such as singer Susan Boyle, ventriloquist Terry Fator and singer and pianist Kodi Lee.

Lee is a blind, autistic musician whose performance of "A Song For You" in season 14 of the competition resulted in judge Gabrielle Union honoring the contestant with the coveted golden buzzer (via Good Housekeeping). At that time, judges Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel, Union and host Terry Crews were all stunned by the performer.

You'd think that Lee has been performing for several years, given his heart-stopping performance during that season of "AGT." Although the "musical savant" had experience performing in front of crowds at county fairs and fundraisers before his television debut, Lee's actually younger than you might think (via San Diego Union-Tribune). With all of that in mind, just how old is Kodi Lee? 

Kodi Lee's real age

Kodi Lee took our breath away when he hit the "America's Got Talent" stage in 2019, playing the piano and singing his rendition of "A Song For You." However, it's Lee's talents and his story of overcoming adversity that warmed viewers' hearts. As a blind, autistic musical prodigy, who was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, Lee has become one of the most popular musicians to come out of "AGT" (via Kodi Lee Rocks).

It may be surprising to learn that Lee was only 22 when he auditioned for "AGT" (via E!). Now, the 25-year-old's YouTube song covers, like singer-songwriter John Legend's "All of Me," have gained Lee more than 380,000 subscribers, according to Famous Birthdays. Described as having an "audio photographic memory," Lee has gone on to perform with some big-name musicians, per Kodi Lee Rocks. After winning the $1 million prize, Lee sang with Lea Michelle, who portrayed Rachel Berry on "Glee," at the Autism Awareness Gala, according to Talent Recap. Also, who can forget when he sang "Hold On" with singer H.E.R.? The performance gained tons of attention and garnered messages of support via social media, per ET Canada.

Lee may be young, but he's well on his way to leaving a lasting mark in the music industry. Fans of the "AGT" alum can follow him on Instagram to see what he's been up to.