If You're A Taurus, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

New Year's, schmoo years, what's up with having to change everything all the time? Now that we no longer write paper checks for anything (seriously, when is the last time you had to do that?), what's the big deal with the year changing an end digit? If you're a Taurus, you may not get what the big deal is with the whole "new year, new you" thing, since the Bull can be pretty set in their ways. What's more, as a spring-born sign you may be inclined to hibernate through January and February. You'd probably agree with the ancient Babylonians — a people that History Channel says may have been responsible for introducing New Year's resolutions in the first place — that it's best to hold off on making them until mid-March. Spring resolutions, that's more like it!

Still, if you're grudgingly agreeing to go along with the rest of the world's timetable and planning to make a resolution this January 1st, you may feel better about picking one that's aligned with your astrological interests. According to Emily Ridout, an astrologer who spoke with Reader's Digest, the planet Uranus will begin the year in the constellation of Taurus, and this means that plenty of changes are in store. You might as well embrace the Uranus energy by taking the opportunity to try new things.

Focus on improving a skill set

New things? What kind of new things? It's a new year, isn't that enough newness to be going on with? Calm down there. Taurus, you needn't quit your job, move to Antarctica, or even take up skyaking or heli-snowboarding (yes, these are things that people do, or so Extreme Sports X tells us). Instead, you can leave such extreme measures to the Sagittarians who might enjoy them while you implement smaller changes closer to home.

Reader's Digest suggests learning a useful skill, so taking a class in something like home or car repair might well appeal to Taurus' practical (and frugal) nature. Brit + Co and PopSugar both recommend going all Marie Kondo on your closets, while the Times of India suggest you might like to take up a new hobby such as cooking. Ha, that's assuming you're not already a pro-level chef, what with Taureans being the zodiac's biggest foodies! If that's the case, you might want to share your culinary expertise with the world via blogging, making videos, or podcasting. Not only will you be giving others the benefit of your knowledge, but you'll also be learning the skills necessary to create and produce your own content.