The Best Planners To Start 2022 With

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A brand new year is starting, and for many, that means buying a new planner. As 2022 draws near, you may be looking for a planner that fits all of your needs, and it can be hard to find. Keeping a planner is so helpful in many aspects of life as it helps you with time management to get all the things in your life done, keep you productive as you work through the days and months, and keeps your stress level as low as possible as staying organized will help you feel ready to tackle the day (via Psychology Today).

Planners can also help you keep your health in check as you can track doctor visits, workouts, meals and more. They also help you find time for the activities that you enjoy doing like heading to a movie or having a game night with friends. In addition, they can help you keep your records straight as you track your finances or bill-paying system. They even make great gifts.

So with the new year upon us, let's check out the best planners to help you have a productive and organized 2022.

Erin Condren planners

People in the planner community know that Erin Condren planners are top-notch. And if you love decorating and crafts, they can be perfect for you as you can mix and match your covers and keep them looking gorgeous all year round (via E! Online). The planners include sticker sheets to help keep you organized, folders, note pages, and monthly quotes that are sure to inspire you throughout the months.

The Moon Planner

If you're looking for a spiritual-themed planner look no further than the Moon Planner. The planner will help you stay organized while also noting full moon and new moon dates, cosmic event dates, moon rituals, manifestation prompts, and more (via E! Online). This is the perfect planner for astrology lovers who look to the stars for inspiration.

The Limitless Mindset Planner

For those looking to focus more on their finances in 2022, the Limitless Mindset Budget Planner is perfect for you (via The Savvy Couple). The planner features leather covers and pockets to keep bills, receipts, and even cash. Meanwhile, it includes a two-year budget planner, stickers, and debt tracking. So, if you're looking to keep your money straight in the new year this could be a great option for you.

The Happy Planner

If you're looking for a great everyday planner that is a bit more affordable and more customizable than the Erin Condren, look towards The Happy Planner (via The Savvy Sparrow). Happy Planners feature a disc binding system that allows you to take out or add in anything you need to make the planner perfectly suited to your life. The planner comes in multiple sizes and layouts, and the brand also offers extension packs for health, budgeting, weddings, and more.

Law of Attraction Planner

For those looking to attract abundance, love, and good vibes into your life for 2022, a Law of Attraction planner is for you. The planner comes with pages for journaling, tracking habits, creating vision boards, and places to get your morning and evening routines in order (via E!). Like the Moon Planner, this setup will help you if you're a spiritual person who's looking to attract something new for themselves.

No matter what planner you get for 2022, make sure it's the one that will help you be your happiest and most productive self.