How The January 2 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aries

With the dawning of a new year, a new moon is also coming. The very first new moon of 2022 will appear in the sky on January 2, the perfect time to start new as it's just two days into the brand new year (via Bustle). This makes the lunar event the perfect time to start fresh. Now's the time to set your intentions not only for the month of January but for the entire year. Be sure to set goals that you believe are important and that you can keep and visualize all of your successes in your head.


The new moon falls under the sign of Capricorn and will bring with it vibes of hard work, discipline, and focus, which seems fitting to kick off a brand new month and year, per Bustle. Planning things out could be ultra-important this month as it will help guide you in the months to come. If you're an Aries, the upcoming new moon may be just the thing you need when it comes to sorting out any issues in your career.

January 2 new moon will bring career changes to Aries

According to Allure, the new moon on January 2, 2022, is the time to focus on your professional life if you're an Aries (born between March 21 and April 19). Your ruling planet, Mars, is entering Capricorn and will give you some luck in your career. If you're looking to find a new job or perhaps get a promotion, this could be your signal to go for it. Set your intentions when it comes to your work life and habits for even more success in your field.


Bustle notes that if an Aries already love the job they're in, it may be time to take on just a bit more responsibility. Try taking the lead on a new project or making your voice heard with your new ideas or insights into something work-related. In addition, staying connected to others on the same career path could prove to be beneficial during the new moon. So make connections and network with people who could teach you something valuable or offer a career boost.