Kate Middleton Revealed This Hidden Talent Over Christmas

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is not only a working royal, but she's also a mother of three. So, as you can imagine, her days are pretty busy. As a member of the royal family, she helps support charitable organizations and causes by hosting and attending events throughout the year. But it's not all work for the Duchess. According to her royal bio, Middleton's athletic hobbies include sailing and playing tennis and hockey, and her artistic hobbies include photography.

Middleton's taken the official portraits of her kids — Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte — to share with the world (per Town & Country). She's even an honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society, and the first Royal Patron of London's Victoria & Albert Museum, the world's largest museum of applied arts, decorative arts, and design (via The Royal Household).

But it turns out that photography isn't the Duchess of Cambridge's only artistic talent.

Kate Middleton has played piano since she was a kid

Kate Middleton helped to organize a charity carol concert at Westminster Abbey. The event, "Royal Carols: Together at Christmas," was broadcast in the U.K. on Christmas Eve (per People). And along with organizing it, in a surprise twist, she was a part of the performance. Middleton accompanied Scottish singer Tom Walker on his song "For Those Who Can't Be Here" on the piano (via Harper's Bazaar).

It was Middleton's suggestion to Walker that she accompany him. Walker raved about the event, telling People, "Without doubt, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I thought she absolutely smashed the performance; it's not easy to just jump behind a piano with a bunch of musicians you've never played with before and record live takes to camera, but she completely nailed it."

The duchess learned to play piano as a kid, and according to Harper's Bazaar, she reportedly found "great comfort" in playing the piano during the pandemic, and that's part of what inspired her concert participation. "Music was very important to the Duchess during the lockdowns," a source told the outlet. "She also recognizes the powerful way in which music brings people together — especially during difficult times. For these reasons, she was keen to be part of Tom's performance in this way."