The Truth About Halal Nail Polish

Have you noticed that your nails turn yellow when you leave nail polish on for too long? There can be a multitude of reasons causing those discolored nails. They could be stained by nail polish, or due to lymphatic obstruction, your nails may not be able to breathe (via Healthline). The idea of breathable nail polish may seem pointless, as we don't want oxygen and moisture affecting the longevity of our manicure. However, let us introduce you to breathable nail polish, also known as Halal nail polish. It is permeable, allowing air and water molecules to pass through for better nail health (via Byrdie).

Halal nail polish helps your nails grow, so you can leave it on for longer. This kind of nail polish does not use any ingredients, utensils, equipment, or machinery that are prohibited under Shariah Law. That is why Muslims can use this nail polish to perform their daily five prayers called "Wudu" (via Daily Vanity).

ORLY Breathable is a line of one-step nail polish, infused with argan oil and vitamin B5. It is so breathable that it resists chipping and peeling. Plus, nail experts argue that this polish is better for nail health. "[It] helps the nail maintain its natural integrity and therefore minimize chipping and peeling," Vice President of Business Development at ORLY International, Tal Pink, told Byrdie.

Halal nail polish has fewer chemicals, dries faster, and lasts longer

Muslim women are required to cleanse themselves from head to toe for prayer. Most nail polish doesn't allow oxygen and water to pass through, which is why Halal nail polish complies with the Islamic rules (via Halal Guidance). You'd be surprised, but there are plenty of quality Halal nail polishes to choose from. They are not just for Muslims — everyone can reap the benefits of this nail polish with fewer toxins.

Daily Vanity is a fan of Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel. Inglot has been making breathable nail polish with an advanced polymer since 2013, and they come in both shiny and matte finishes. Halal Guidance highlights Karma Organic Halal Nail Polish because they are Wudu friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. Byrdie recommends the 786 Nail Polish 3 piece set, where you can choose from 3 gorgeous colors, and each color is inspired by an exotic city. Dubai or Tuscany, anyone? Eluxe Magazine selected Mersi Cosmetics Nail Polish because they are also Halal Certified by the ISWA Halal Certification department. This socially conscious brand also donates 20% of its profits to initiatives, like "Free Palestine." You can look good while feeling good about helping others.