TikTok Trends That Should Be Left In 2021

It's no surprise that Tiktok is one of the most famous apps of 2021. Now more than ever it gained a lot of popularity after helping people through quarantine and self-isolation because of the pandemic. People make videos to entertain themselves and the internet by showing their talents and creativity, while some people use it as a source of entertainment. Still, many use it to express their views and opinions about different matters.

Many trends attract attention from users from time to time, and these trends unite people as they all try them out and use them to gain popularity. While many TikTok videos continue to be insightful and entertaining, some of them are straight-up insane and not in a good way. 

Tiktok users are familiar with regular trends, and if you're smart, you also know some god-awful trends are disturbing and not safe. Some of the worst TikTok trends include so-called "beauty and skin" hacks that are harmful, but people still believe them to be true or even worth trying. In a way, Tiktok trends are a curse and a gift at the same time.

Feta Pasta

There are many food-related trends on Tiktok, and some of them are pretty great and creative while some are pretty questionable. One of those trends is Feta Pasta. You would be surprised to know how many people actually like it this way, but as many chefs pointed out on TikTok repeatedly that there is something very unsettling about cooking pasta that way (via the Evening Standard).

While it's very filling, it is very bland and a little too cheesy for some people. No hate to people who enjoy it, but if you are someone who enjoys spices and food that is delectable, this is not for you folks.

Regardless, many people wish that this trend would go away as soon as possible. And even if it doesn't, we would recommend adding more spices to make it palatable. 

Tooth Filing

When it comes to this trend, this is probably one of the worst trends on TikTok — and one that is just plain stupid. According to Insider, Tiktok users have been filing their uneven teeth with nail files — and in what world do we have to tell that it's not okay to do that.

This trend has been a constant nightmare for dentists all over the world, as they are repeatedly requesting people not to do this. Not only does it risk filing down enamel and sensitivity, there is a good chance you may lose your tooth altogether. While nails do grow back, you only ever get one set of teeth, and it's exactly why we want this trend to go extinct.

Gorilla Glue Trend

Earlier in 2021, a girl from Louisiana named Tessica Brown gained overnight fame when she was coined as the "Gorilla Glue Girl."  As Teen Vogue details, in February, she went viral after posting a video about her fiasco using Gorilla Glue in her hair and how it wouldn't come out. This lead to a long journey of jokes, memes, and even a minor procedure performed by a dermatologist to get the glue out of her hair.

The incident gained so much popularity that Gorilla Glue issued an official statement on how their product is only meant for crafting and other woodwork. While Brown is perfectly well now, this incident taught people that some DIYs don't always work out and also the importance of reading the description of products before using them.

Milk Crate Challenge

Yet another trend that made headlines all over the world, the "Milk Crate Challenge" is just another example of some really dumb people taking it too far. According to the New York Post, this challenge led to a lot of injuries and painful reactions. It's safe to say that stacking milk carts and climbing on them is probably not the best idea unless you like taking a giant spill from the top of the pyramid of crates.

This challenge gained a lot of viewers pretty quickly and thus led to a big crowd of wannabe Tiktokers trying this trend and ending up injuring themselves. It is dangerous, and doctors have repeatedly requested people to quit trying it. Considering how expensive medical insurance is, we would strongly advise people to say goodbye to this challenge, forever!

Dry Scooping

Among many horrors, the dry scooping trend became another life-threatening challenge (no, it's not an exaggeration). According to Women's Health, 20-yeare-old  Briatney Portillo had a heart attack shortly after ingesting the powder raw. She did this challenge after she saw it "trending" on TikTok, and it led to her ending up in a hospital bed.

This trend is dangerous and risky, not only because the science behind it indicates that a strong powdered substance like this could cause choking if ingested without water but also because the human body is not capable of withstanding such a strong intake of vitamins and protein without the dilution of water.

After this incident, many medical and fitness professionals have started warning people not to listen to so-called "fitness influencers" on social media platforms and consume products exactly how they are supposed to be ingested.