Tishita Tyagi

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Noida, India
Symbiosis Law School
Politics, Business, Finance, Legal
  • She started working as a writer in a professional capacity in her junior year of high school while volunteering for an NGO affiliated with her school. She was also shortlisted to be presenter in the "Health & Poverty" conference at the University of Salzburg in 2019. She has written various research papers, case studies, articles, and blogs related to the field of law and finance.
  • As a content writer, Tishita is now discovering new areas like news, entertainment, health, and various others. She is also one of the blog writers for MACE Media Group, which focuses on topics closely related to health and medicine.


Tishita has worked as content writer for more than five years and has worked as a Subject Matter Expert, Researcher, Social Media Manager, Blogger, and Content Writer. She has worked with the entertainment based company, Kidadl, based in the United Kingdom, Jean Martin Inc in New York, and MACE Media Group in Los Angeles. She is a law and management student and has valuable experience in various fields including law, politics, and finance.


Tishita Tyagi is on her way to completing her degree in BBA LL.B and is planning to pursue her LLM. As a student of Business and Law, she has years of experience with specific fields and has worked with several companies based in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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