Will Enver Gjokaj Be Leaving NCIS: Hawai'i?

Fans of the "NCIS" franchise are no strangers to seeing some of their favorite characters leave the show. Actors like Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon's exits have been hard for fans to swallow, while actresses like Pauley Perrette throwing in the towel left viewers shocked (via Hello! Magazine).

One series in the "NCIS" universe is so new that no one has yet left the cast. "NCIS: Hawai'i" is the franchise's latest installment. Its first season has been successful, landing a renewal before it has even come to a close (via Express).

Currently, "NCIS: Hawai'i" is on a long hiatus. The mid-season hiatus has caught fans off guard, not knowing that after watching episode nine in early December that they would not see Vanessa Lachey and company again until after the new year.

With the show on a long break, rumors have begun to swirl about the cast members. Already, there is speculation that one of the show's stars might be leaving permanently.

Fans are worried the actor is leaving the show for good

According to HITC, fans are speculating that actor Enver Gjokaj, who plays Joe Milius, might be leaving the show. Milius is the love interest of Lachey's character, Agent Jane Tennant. In a recent episode, before the show broke for hiatus, Milius and Tennant went on a date together after hinting at a romance between the two for a while.

While fans celebrated the couple finally going on a date that ended with a kiss, the excitement didn't last long. It was found out that Milius was going to be transferred to a different state, making fans fearful that Gjokaj was going to be leaving the show for good (per Distractify).

Fans quickly began speculating on Twitter. One user wrote, "I don't think anything will come out [of] it than a one-night stand. He's transferring, she's not. It takes a lot to keep a long-distance relationship going. I just don't see it happening."

As of now, there are no reports that Gjokaj is leaving the show for good. It seems like fans will have to wait until the show returns from hiatus to learn the fate of the new couple.