The Best Beginner-Friendly Chloe Ting Workouts

Fitness fads come and go but HIIT has endured for over half a decade. According to The New York Times, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) are workouts where you push yourself hard aerobically for a brief period with a goal of "challenging your cardiovascular system and muscles during each interval," as hard as you can without exhausting or injuring yourself. Beyond potential in reducing fat stores and increasing aerobic fitness levels, HIIT might even improve memory in ways that moderate exercise, like walking, can't. Where to start, though, and whose workouts to follow can be more daunting than the workouts themselves.

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are full of fitness instructors and influencers posting their HIIT workouts and workout challenges. Chloe Ting is one person who always comes up in workout searches and has quickly become a lot of people's go-to for workout videos. Byrdie reports that Ting went from 10 million to 14.5 million subscribers in just two months. The Australian-based fitness enthusiast started her YouTube channel, Chloe's Addiction, in 2011. It wasn't until she started posting her workouts and workout challenges to TikTok that her popularity really took off.

Before you jump into new workouts, it's important to remember results vary. Emma Laing, director of dietetics at the University of Georgia, told Elle, "Bodies are so different in terms of metabolism and body composition, so it is impossible to guarantee that your results will look like others you see on social media."

These are the best HIIT workouts for beginners

Warming up before your workout helps increase blood flow and body temperature gradually, which can reduce muscle soreness according to Mayo Clinic. Before you dive into any of Ting's other HIIT workouts, try her 6-minute warmup, Do This Warm Up Before Your Workouts.

Meant to get your workout done in 15 minutes or less, Ting has workouts for every part of your body. Her No Jumping Full Body FAT BURN Workout, for example, is not only a full-body strength workout, but it's also apartment-friendly — no jumping means happier downstairs neighbors.

If you want to focus on your abs, her 10 min standing abs workout to get Ripped Abs is going to be your new favorite quick workout. Upper body? You'll want 10 Min Upper Body & Arms Workout. It's even another apartment-friendly workout. Want to work that booty? Add a 10 Min Butt Workout | Quick BOOTY Burn to your day. If you're able to, and want the full HIIT experience, you need to try Ting's 15 min Intense HIIT for FAT Burn and 15 Mins Full Body Fat Burn Workout.

Finally, you'll want to end your session with 10 min Full Body Cool Down Stretches for Recovery. Mayo Clinic says that cooling down lets you recover gradually to the heart rate and blood pressure you had before you started the workout.