Days Of Our Lives Love Triangles That Fans Couldn't Get Enough Of

When it comes to soap operas they can't survive without power couples and heated romances. While the drama of the storylines keeps viewers coming back for more, the romances are what sustains the soaps as they survive year after year (via TV Overmind). Unfortunately for the characters, this often includes love triangles where one person is torn between their love for two people. While "Days of our Lives" fans are sure to have their favorite couples and most memorable romantic moments, there are also some epic love triangle moments that have occurred over the course of the show's more than five-decade run.

Whether fans were rooting for Chad DiMera to choose Abigail Deveraux or Gabi Hernandez or trying to figure out if Chloe Lane belonged with Brady Black or Philip Kiriakis (via Soap Hub), the love triangles add a sense of drama and intrigue to the already action-packed storylines that the NBC sudser has offered up over the years.

Of course, some love triangles have been better than others.

Bo Brady was forced to choose between Hope Williams and Billie Reed

"Days of our Lives" viewers know that Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and Hope Williams (Kristian Alfonso) are one of the most iconic soap opera couples of all time. However, the relationship was full of many ups and downs over the years. In the 1990s, Bo was told the Hope had died and after mourning his beloved wife's death, he began to move on with his life (via Fame 10). After meeting Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna), he learned how to love again and the two had a steamy romance.

Of course, characters are never truly gone in Salem, and when Hope returned to town alive there was a lot to figure out for poor Bo, who was caught between his love for Hope and Billie. Although Billie helped bring him back to life after losing Hope, Bo ultimately chose his first wife as the characters had so much love and a strong connection for each other.

Marlena Evans found herself in love with Roman Brady and John Black

The story of John Black, Marlena Evans, and Roman Brady is a very complicated one (via TV Overmind). In the 1980s and early 90s, Marlena (Deidre Hall) met and married Roman Brady (then Wayne Northrop). The two started a family together, and Marlena was beside herself when the evil Stefano DiMera had Roman killed (via Fame 10). Years later, Roman returned with a different face as actor Drake Hogestyn. He and Marlena fell back in love until it was shockingly revealed that Roman wasn't actually Roman. He was a man that Stefano had brainwashed to believe that he was Roman Brady. He later assumed the name John Black and Roman returned to Salem as actor Josh Taylor.

The situation got very complicated for Marlena, who had come to love John. The entire thing blew up in her face when her daughter Sami Brady caught John and Marlena having an affair. Although Roman has seemed to always carry a torch for his ex-wife, it's John that is the love of Marlena's life.

Sami Brady tried to destroy her sister Carrie's relationship with Austin Reed

"Days of Our Lives" fans watched for years as Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) was madly in love with her older sister Carrie Brady's boyfriend Austin Reed (via Fame 10). Although Carrie and Austin seemed like a perfect match, the scheming Sami couldn't let them be happy. Instead, she insisted on meddling in their romance and doing everything in her power to steal Austin from Carrie. There was so much drama surrounding this particular love triangle, as Sami even tried to pass off her son, Will, as Austin's son (via She Knows Soaps). However, the truth came out that Will was actually the son of Austin's brother, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). To make things even messier, Lucas carried a torch for Carrie during much of this time.

Although Austin eventually chose Carrie and the two moved away from Salem, he did have a relationship with Sami on more than one occasion. The two even got married on two separate occasions.

Fans love a good love triangle, and "DOOL" knows how to deliver just that. Of course, after awhile they do like to see the character happily settled down. That is, until their next crisis.