The Truth About Catfish's Nev Schulman & Kamie Crawford's Relationship

MTV's hit show "Catfish" has been successfully finding the truth behind online relationships since 2012 (via TV Shows Ace). After the show's host, Nev Shulman, was catfished himself, meaning the woman he was talking to online wasn't who she said she was, Shulman created a documentary about his journey to figure out who the woman he was speaking with really was.

The documentary was released in 2010 with rave reviews. From there, the show blossomed, and catfish became a word in everyone's vocabulary.

Shulman didn't take on MTV by himself. He enlisted the help of his co-host and sometimes cameraman, Max Josephs (via Distractify). The pair were unstoppable and the show became a hit partly because of their chemistry. However, fans were devastated when Josephs left the show to pursue his own career in film.

After Josephs exited "Catfish," they tried their hand at several guest co-hosts with Shulman. In the end, former Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford, was chosen. Is the chemistry between Crawford and Shulman as good as it was with Josephs?

The pair are good friends

While fans may have been wary of someone taking over Josephs' role on "Catfish," they have grown to love Crawford (via PopSugar). Many believe the show is even better with Crawford bringing her own unique opinions and personality to the table.

It's not just fans who can't get enough of Crawford, Shulman is a big fan of her as well. When the pair had to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Shulman told MTV that he missed being with his co host in person and that it wasn't the same on Zoom.

"I think what I miss about Kamie is what any of us miss about our friends, which is just seeing them and having those relatively insignificant, meaningless conversations," Shulman shared. "Talking about current events, things that are happening in the news, meals that we've had, how we're tired. Just small talk with your colleagues/friends. I miss the minutia."

Crawford felt the same way, stating that she missed working with Shulman in person as well. "You can see that we have our brother/sister chemistry through the virtual episodes. But it's so much more fun when we get to drive places together and hang out and bounce off of each other. It's a lot easier in real life, but I'm still enjoying it over Zoom."

The chemistry on screen between Crawford and Shulman keeps fans coming back for more. It's even more special because the pair feel it, too!