The Biggest Winter Hat Trends Of 2021

There are many trends that come and go, but some of them stay on forever and for good reason. One of these trends is hats — every decade has its own changes in fashion, including different types of hats, and hats are a go-to for many outfits. This accessory is certainly a hit, especially in 2021 when several designers paired their outfits on the runway with some of the chicest and trendy hats (via L'Officiel).

All hats have a different way of styling them, and different outfits are styled with different hats. The same goes for seasons. There are many options when it comes to hats for winter, and it is expected that many of these winter hats are still going to be trending in 2022.

Bucket Hat

A show can influence a lot of fashion trends, and one of those is the Bucket Hat trend, which gained more popularity after the show "Emily in Paris," reports Glamour. The best thing about a bucket hat is that it works with almost every aesthetic and season, from lightweight bucket hats to cozy fur bucket hats for winters.

According to Nylon, bucket hats have been a thing since the '80s, when musicians often wore them in music videos with a fun and cool R&B aesthetic. These hats made a comeback in 2021 and are here to stay!

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps became a major trend in the fall of 2021, according to Refinery29. And it is one of those hats that's suitable for many aesthetics and seasons. The best thing about a baseball cap is that it can be styled with almost anything and with many hairstyles, be it hair down or a ponytail.

It can be worn in many ways, and besides looking absolutely cool, it also protects the scalp from sun damage. This particular hat is great for many outfits and gives a minimalist look with chic elegance.


Beanies have been a thing since the '90s, reports Insider. They were more famous for being a great accessory for men, but in the last few years, there have been many new styles of beanies around. The best thing about a beanie is the variety of colors it's available in and the ways it can be styled with almost every winter outfit.

GQ notes that beanies are great for winter, because they are super stylish while offering a lot of comfort and warmth. Many celebrities and models are often spotted wearing these in paparazzi pictures (via In Style). 

Wide-brim Hat

According to L'Officiel, there are so many varieties of hats in the market, but if you're going to invest in just one or two hats, a wide-brim hat is perfect for fall and winter. It is one of the accessories that is probably never going to go out of style.

It gives the person and the outfit a look so classy and versatile, it is hard not to be obsessed with it. Available in some rich fabrics like felt and wool, reports Vogue, the wide-brim hat is a particular favorite of brands like Gucci, which often uses statement accessories to match the clothes, as per L'Officiel. This hat also adds a particular elegance to an outfit.


There are many trends that come from the fashion capital of the world, and if there is one thing about Parisian style it's charm and elegance. While berets may often be associated with a cool, sophisticated look of the quintessential French woman, they have been worn by men and women for thousands of years and have evolved significantly since then, as per Dis Magazine.

Now a famous accessory all over the world (via MIC), it is one of the best go-to hats for a chilly day and a warm outfit. It can be styled in so many ways with various outfits, including with crop sweaters, mini skirts, and trench coats. While not all of us can't be like "Emily in Paris," we sure can try!