How Soon Can You Get Boosted After Testing Positive For COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over despite being nearly two years into its terror, and only more questions — and more coronavirus variants — are arising. The CDC, for example, notes that the Omicron coronavirus variant that's currently ravaging the world is more infectious than both previous variants and the novel coronavirus, and it's spreading faster, too. As many become ill with COVID not only across the U.S. but also the world, many are turning to booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccines for salvation. However, when getting a booster shot, you can expect to wait a little while if you've recently tested positive for the virus.


The current state of the pandemic in the U.S. doesn't look good. It's hard to get a COVID-19 test right now because the omicron variant became so widespread so fast (via CNN). This fast spread also means many are testing positive at the same time that they want a booster shot. Going to a booster appointment while infected with COVID-19 would be incredibly dangerous, as it could be transmitted to anyone you come close to, including the physician that administers the shot.

Still, there may be another key reason why you should wait.

Booster shots require a lot of time after you test positive for COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci said COVID-19 booster shots would be necessary in November 2021, but this statement has never been truer than in the current predicament the world is facing. Fauci knows this too. The medical professional explained this week that the U.S. is currently experiencing an estimated 400,000 COVID cases each day, which adds up to 1 million cases in just under 2.5 days (via WIVB). These levels are unprecedented, and so might be obtaining a booster shot at present.


"Worse is what we're going to be seeing," Dr. Fauci told PIX11 Morning News. Still, the wait for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 to get boosted is long. According to Fauci, these individuals should wait 30 days at minimum but up to 90 days to receive a booster shot if they've had any positive test for the coronavirus.

"You don't want to get boosted right away because you still have in your immune system mature in its response to the original infection," the doctor explained, though he also said there's "no definitive time." This may seem unrealistic for some, especially in light of recent news. According to the CDC, Pfizer recommends receiving their booster shot five months after becoming fully vaccinated.


While testing positive for COVID-19 may make this five month period longer, it's worth the wait. You'll want to have as much protection as you can moving forward.