Here's What The December 19 Venus Retrograde Means For Earth Signs

To be an earth sign is to be grounded in life, but being grounded never means you don't feel things or aren't subject to the planets' movements. Still, earth signs may process them better than other signs, especially water signs who always feel emotions deeper than others (via Cosmopolitan). Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — are steadfast in their careers, but they don't always have the easiest time managing personal relationships. This could prove problematic during December's Venus retrograde.

What your zodiac element really means is your general alignment in life, and this can prove hard for some. According to Cosmopolitan, the dark side of earth zodiac signs is how much time and energy they devote to their careers and passions, leaving themselves and others behind. They can be shortsighted even if their career goals are thoroughly thought out.

Venus retrograde begins on December 19 and will continue its chaotic reign until the end of January 2022, so all we can do is buckle in for the ride (via The New York Post). Luckily, earth signs are good at this. Unfortunately, Venus governs love and relationships, and earth signs don't handle these matters as well as other signs. Earth signs will face extreme challenges during this retrograde, but if they put their minds to it like their organizational skills, they may prevail.

Earth signs must evaluate their tastes in life

Like other signs, earth signs are affected by new moons and full moons in interesting ways. As the planets and moons rotate and their gravities and pressures fluctuate, we as humans experience changes in our emotional and mental states. Earth signs are the most guarded with their minds and emotions, but even they succumb to interstellar pressures.

During Venus retrograde, earth signs will be asked to evaluate themselves and their relationships for the first time in a while. They often let themselves and relationships manage themselves because their attention is elsewhere, but this retrograde will not allow this luxury. Hands on work will be required for every person with an earth sign as their sun sign.

According to Bustle, each earth sign will face specific challenges, too. Taurus must evaluate the parts of their lives from which they derive pleasure. Are they really benefiting you? Meanwhile, Virgo must evaluate their "type" when it comes to romantic partners. They may be entering a new phase in their lives in which their tastes have completely changed. Finally, Capricorns must evaluate themselves closer. Their taste in their own style and other personal matters will be in question.

Ultimately, earth signs' journeys this retrograde will center on their evolving tastes in different aspects of their lives. This introspection can help earth signs start the year anew and therefore have a more fulfilling year than perhaps ever.