Why French President Macron's Comments About COVID Are Raising Eyebrows

French President Emmanuel Macron has offered an eyebrow-raising take on unvaccinated individuals in light of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. According to Axios, while speaking to a French newspaper, the politician addressed vaccine mandates that require vaccines for recreational activities like going to dinner or a movie, saying they are intended to frustrate those who don't comply. "I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do so, to the bitter end. That's the strategy," Macron commented.

As The New York Times reports, Macron's policy of making unvaccinated citizens "miserable" has created some backlash in the country, with the president's latest remarks being met with mixed reactions on Twitter. "To me, that's leadership," opined one person. "I like him...my kind of strategy. Keep the pressure on!" someone else weighed in. And another Twitter user commented, "Macron doesn't force them, he puts baby in a corner, as he should. It works. They're getting vax'd. No vaccine? Then no bars, restaurants, or clubs for you. You disqualified yourself by not caring abt overburdening the hospitals, taking up ICU space, vents, & exhausting staff."

Not everyone likes Macron's COVID comments

Although the French statesman saw plenty of support online for his COVID comments, a lot of social media users were not happy. "Macron's comments are completely beyond the pale. Really vile stuff. In a just world, his election hopes would now be toast," tweeted one person.

"When elected leaders can talk and act in the vile way that Macron and Trudeau do, othering and baiting millions of their own citizens, and most observers barely bat an eyelid, we're facing very worrying times. An age of authoritarianism is upon us. It can't end well," opined another non-supporter.

And as another Twitter user joked, "Macron apparently skipped the part of history where the French ruler pissed off the French people." 

Meanwhile, as The New York Times reports, French Parliament is in the process of approving a bill that will require proof of vaccination to take part in many aspect of French life, including eating at cafes and visiting museums.