Martha Stewart Makes A Bold Prediction About Her New Business Venture

Martha Stewart has been a fixture in the homemaking world for decades now (via Groovy History). Before she was the queen of all things home, she was a model and stockbroker. However, she made a career change in the '80s and capitalized on homemaking and entertaining.

Stewart was America's first self-made female billionaire. By marketing her cookbooks, interior decor pieces, and advice on throwing the perfect party, she became an icon. She once said, "I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There's no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life," and it shows in her successful career.

Though she was successful, she never stopped evolving her career (via Insider). From cooking with Snoop Dogg to bouncing back from spending time in jail, the homemaking billionaire is always up for a challenge. Now, she is starting a new business and she has some bold predictions about it.

Stewart has bold expectations for her new business

When it came to starting a new business venture, fans of Stewart were not surprised she decided to open a restaurant. According to People, Stewart is opening her first-ever restaurant in Las Vegas this spring. The goal of the restaurant is to be a farm-to-table establishment that can seat 194 people.

The concept behind the restaurant is to bring the feel of her home in Bedford, New York, to her fans from all over the world in the heart of the Paris Hotel in Vegas (via Food and Wine). The hotel is excited to house the first Stewart eatery, says its general manager, Jason Gregorec. "Martha Stewart is one of the most celebrated voices in hospitality, and we are truly honored that she's chosen Paris Las Vegas as the home for her very first restaurant."

When it comes to the menu, Stewart is confident fans will be happy. "I'm picking my family and friend's favorites, things I have been known for — like wonderful breads and baked goods — and dishes you might not find in other restaurants, like pastas and soups that are unique to the Martha brand," she continued, "I just want to make sure that everybody gets a taste of the delicious food that has long come out of my kitchen. You're going to love it."