If You're A Taurus, These Are The Books You Need To Read

Taurus, the star sign represented by the bull constellation, has people carrying a mix of gentle and fierce personalities. Born between April 20 and May 20, Taureans have admirable traits: they are dependable, dedicated, honest, meticulous, and intelligent, per Astrology. These traits make Taureans one of the best people to work with. When it comes to staying on track with their goals, they give it their best. They aren't scared of hard work. And they are always prepared to face and overcome obstacles whenever they arise (via Co-Star Astrology.)

However, like every other personality type, the Taurus personality has its weaknesses. They are mostly famous for their stubbornness. Per Bustle, the Taurus ​​personality likes to do things their way and may not accept help or any piece of advice from others, especially when they've made their minds up about something.

One interesting fun fact about people born under Taurus is that they'd rather read a book than watch a movie, per YourTango. So, if you are a Taurus, here are a few books you need to read, as you're likely to thoroughly enjoy them.

You'll relate to these books if you're a Taurus

According to The Garden of Read-en, "Charlotte's Web," a book by E.B. White is a book that any Taurus will absolutely feel a connection to. The tale of friendship between two creatures, a pig (Wilbur) and a spider (Charlotte), teaches tolerance and loyalty until the end. Although completely different in nature, Charlotte, the spider, manages to save the pig's life by writing about him in her web, per Britannica. If Charlotte would be linked to any Zodiac sign, she'd most likely be a Taurus: a ride-or-die buddy till the very end.

If you're a Taurus that gravitates towards romantic novels, "Better Than The Movies" by Lynn Painter (via Riveted) will appeal to you immensely. The novel explores the romantic side of a Taurus. By the way, Taureans do not proceed with any romantic relationship unless they feel a simmering physical attraction to their love interest, per Horoscope. So in typical Taurus fashion, Liz Buxbaum, this book's protagonist, is determined to get her high school crush, Michael, to ask her to prom, no matter what it takes.

Another book you will not be able to put down if you are a Taurus is Jodi Lynn Anderson's "Tiger Lily," which spectacularly tells a story of love and adventure, per Alachua County Library. The story of love between Tiger Lily and Peter describes how Taureans face challenges without throwing in the towel.