Male Beauty Products That Are Actually Doing Damage

Skincare is important for all sorts of reasons, from the health and youthfulness of your skin itself to your self-esteem. But did you know that having a skincare routine is actually beneficial to your mental health as well? It's true! According to Everyday Health, indulging in a skincare routine is a perfect act of self-care because simply taking part the step=by-step process can help stop spiraling thoughts and worries about other things. Suddenly, you're focused on the steps of the routine itself, and it helps you to ground yourself in the present moment. Further, acts of self-care like a skincare routine can release chemicals in your bran that promote relaxation and happiness.

It's no surprise, therefore, that more and more men are taking up skincare routines (via Statista), and several publications from Elle to Esquire have lately published articles giving men tips on how to incorporate a skincare routine into their daily lives. However, just because a product is geared toward men, doesn't necessarily mean it's actually doing good things for their skin. Here's a list of skin and body care products geared toward men that you should probably skip.      

Skincare products men should avoid

The first major myth men have probably heard over and over is that the goal is remove all oil from your face (via Ashley Weston). Toward this aim, several very harsh face washes have been marketed to men, but stripping your face of its natural oils tends to cause more problems. Not only can this cause dry and irritated skin, but it can actually cause your skin to try and compensate for the dryness by producing excess oil and causing more clogged pores, breakouts and hyper-oily skin. Instead of harsh washes, use something gentle and mild that will cleanse the skin without stripping it. 

Another skincare product long-marketed to Men that should probably be retired completely is aftershave. There's a reason Kevin screamed when he put it on his face in "Home Alone." That stuff burns! It tends to be mostly alcohol, which again, can cause excessive dryness and irritation (via Business Insider). The other major ingredient in most aftershave products is strong fragrance, which, even without the alcohol, can cause major irritation and even allergic reactions in the skin. If you'd like to use something clarifying on your skin after you shave and before you apply some moisturizer, try a gentle alcohol-free toner instead. And definitely don't skip the moisturizer and sunscreen afterwards!