Meet Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo's Husband, Tony Jackson

TLC has done it again with the launch of the addictive show "Dr. Mercy." The show follows the life and career of Nigerian-American Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo, a dermatologist who deals with some gnarly skin conditions, via Essence.

Aside from working magic on cysts, lesions and so many other yucky-looking skin issues, Dr. Mercy is a caring clinician who is completely relatable and dedicated to her patients. Which means we already love her.

According to E! News, the dermatologist practices in Chicago and lives by the mantra "it's not just the skin you're treating, you're treating a person as a whole."

Aside from showing viewers her daily interaction with patients at her practice, Lilly Aesthetics, Dr. Mercy also lets us into her life at home with her husband and daughter, Lilly. Not to mention her husband is also an important member of the Lilly Aesthetics teams as he runs both practices. It's always fun to watch a couple's work and at-home dynamic.

Let's meet Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo's husband, Tony Jackson.

Tony Jackson is a former NFL player

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo met Tony Jackson in 2002 while attending the University of Iowa where the friends became a couple after Jackson asked her to tutor him in science (via Inside Weddings). By 2015, the couple was walking down the aisle.

Jackson formerly played football for several teams including the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, and the New York Giants, per U.P. Home Health & Hospice. During his time at Iowa, the Michigan-native was redshirted in 2000 and drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2005 as a tight end, per Hawkeye Recap.

Now the former NFL player oversees both practice locations in Lombard, Illinois, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, according to Chicago Defender. And he's also working toward his law degree.

Despite a hectic schedule, the couple is still very much in love. Dr. Mercy shouted her love for her hubby in anĀ Instagram post celebrating their sixth anniversary, writing, "Happy 6 year wedding anniversary to my love, life partner, life guru, my hype man and BFF x 20 years. We met 20 years ago in college when we bumped into each other after a late night party. You have always allowed me to walk my path in life, supported me, and you still laugh at all my corny jokes day after day. You never allow us to leave the house without praying and I thank you for making our home led by God and a peaceful haven. Cheers to 100 more."