Taylor Swift Fans Are Going Wild For These TikTok Gingerbread Houses

Taylor Swift's stunning transformation only continues to dazzle fans across the globe, and her world domination has, since 2019, included Christmas music. Swift released her well-received Christmas track, "Christmas Tree Farm," in 2019, and the whimsical song mixes cheery holiday music with Broadway-esque vocal maneuverability and production. As reported by Rolling Stone, Swift even recently released a new version of the song during Christmas 2021, continuing her successful year after already releasing "Fearless (Taylor's Version)," "Red (Taylor's Version)," and the first song from her upcoming (but not yet dated) "1989 (Taylor's Version)."

All of Swift's music eras sound unique from one another, including "Christmas Tree Farm," which is so different from her other music that it's created its own niche within her discography. Now, fans around the world are using her Christmas track as a sound on TikTok, but what makes these videos so unique is that they're for special gingerbread houses that celebrate Swift's career.

Each gingerbread house represents one of Taylor Swift's albums

There's always research that can be done before building your next gingerbread house, or you can leave it to the professionals. In either case, some simply know how to maneuver the cookie landscape and build something truly beautiful from it, and in a world where ideas and creativity can be spread faster than ever, people are making gingerbread houses that represent their favorite celebrities.

This is why TikTok users are adoring @katiecampshure. This user posted a series of videos in which each showcased a Taylor Swift-themed gingerbread house that she'd made. Thankfully, she also posted a video of them all together, too, so fans can revisit them at once.

What makes these gingerbread houses so unique is how this user decorated each one to represent each of Swift's albums. Swift is known for distinct eras in which each album has its own vibe and color palette, which this user used and transformed into a series of gingerbread houses that are completely unique to one another. The "Speak Now" house, for example, is all purple just like the album's cover, while the "Reputation" house is black like the album's tonal dissonance and artwork. Plus, it's adorned with snakes, which were Swift's symbol during the era. Then there's the "Lover" house which is purple, pink, and blue as if airbrushed on, a representation of the album's bright message and its fun cover.

So, are you as obsessed with these gingerbread houses as Swift's fans are?