Amanda Kloots Reveals What Helps Her Stay Motivated

Celebrity trainer and former Radio City Rockette Amanda Kloots is known for being motivational and at the top of her game, as perĀ her website. She performed in Broadway shows such as "Good Vibrations" and "Bullets Over Broadway," before eventually appearing on Season 30 of "Dancing With The Stars" alongside professional dancer Alan Bersten (via Hollywood Life). In March 2020, she gained major attention from the public when she opened up on social media about her husband's ongoing battle with COVID-19. Unfortunately, he died in July of the same year.

Kloots met her late husband, Nick Cordero, while the two were performing in a Broadway show together. He was also a performer with some major talent, making the two an ideal match (via Parade). The couple endured Cordero's harrowing journey together through ups, downs, a hospitalization, and, eventually, an amputation. After more than three months in the hospital, Cordero lost his battle with the illness.

Amanda Kloots recalls darker times for motivation

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero enjoyed three years of happy marriage to each other and welcomed a son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero, together in 2019. This made his untimely death even more devastating for the small family (via Parade). While Nick's health was deteriorating, both he and Kloots found comfort in the attentive and caring nature of the former Broadway star's doctor. A line which a doctor said to Kloots during that time has since become her mantra when she wants to stay motivated.

Kloots recalled the time on "Good Morning America," saying, "This is always sort of how I've lived my life, but in one sentence he encompassed it in a great way. He said, 'Amanda, if we look at things in a positive way we have options; if we look at it in a negative way we have no options.'" The dancer and fitness guru also credits her lifestyle to balance, which she admits isn't always the easiest thing to do. She tells those struggling to make sure they're "set ... up for success," and suggests things like cleaning the home and preparing necessities ahead of time for a smoother and more relaxing morning routine.