Are Lumin Skincare Products Worth It?

Beauty Independent reports that Lumin Skincare was founded in 2018, with the goal of making skincare more accessible for men who struggle to know where to start. Since its launch, the LA-based beauty brand has branched out beyond skincare and into the realm of hair and body care, via Honest Brand Reviews. According to co-founder Darwish Gani, Lumin seeks to use skincare as a catalyst through which men can prioritize self-improvement. "That can be in all facets of life: Going to the gym, eating healthier, meditation, reading or learning, and skincare is kind of just an extension of that general trend," Gani told Beauty Independent.

Over the past three years, Lumin has amassed quite a large following. Lumin's website reports that its products receive an average of 4.8 stars — so if you're contemplating a new skincare regimen, then Lumin is a great place to start, especially because it offers a subscription service. "The process is simple: customers fill out a short skin and lifestyle questionnaire and get a personalized skincare regimen, either on a one-time or subscription basis," Gani told Byrdie in November 2021. But are Lumin Skincare products actually worth their price tag?

Lumin Skincare is highly effective, but comes in small packages

Per Lumin's website, the brand has been featured in top-tier publications like Vogue, Forbes, GQ, and Rolling Stone, so it's got quite the glowing reputation to support its success rate. And as the "men's piece of the beauty-industry pie" increases, as co-founder Darwish Gani noted to Byrdie, there's all the more reason for the brand to put all they have into their products and formulas. As for specific reviews of Lumin Skincare products, dozens of sites have given their two cents about what exactly the brand has to offer. For example, Irreverent Gent writes that, "After four weeks and a lot of stuff smeared on my face, I can say with confidence that Lumin's Age Management Set is more than up to snuff." Honest Brand Reviews adds that it seems like "it's worth a try if you're looking to either up your skincare game or solve some frustrating issues."

The only caveat is that Lumin Skincare retails on the pricey side, especially considering the smaller size of its containers and bottles. Depending on the product you're using, it might not last that long. "Lumin bottles just don't hold that much," Honest Brand Reviews writes. Irreverent Gent echoes this sentiment. "While there's a lot to like about Lumin's skincare products, they suffer from the same issue that a lot of high-quality grooming products seem to share: The packages they come in are pretty small," the site says.