Laura Wright Reveals What It's Really Like Behind The Scenes Of General Hospital

On "General Hospital," Carly Corinthos is seemingly angry at everybody. She's had a pretty rough last year believing her husband was dead, then agreeing to marry her best friend for the sake of their mafia business, and then deciding she had always been in love with her best friend so her new marriage would be real.

Well, presumed-dead husband Sonny Corinthos returned and announced he'd amnesia for nine months, so her marriage to Jason Morgan was null and void before the wedding night even commenced. Then, Jason was presumed dead and now Carly has nobody to tell all her woes too. Add to that the fact that she has a brand-new female rival and is out for blood (via Soaps In Depth).

But Carly has certainly been to war before with women who she thinks will get in her way. Her rivals for Sonny have included Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) and Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan). Her rivals for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), the late best friend who was so much more than that have included Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), and most recently, Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud). Carly has never really had a female friend to ever turn to because she sees other women as some sort of competition. With all those rivalries in front of the screen, one would think that things are tense behind the scenes — and actress Laura Wright, who plays Carly, set the record straight on that.

Are Carly's two biggest 2022 rivals her behind-the-scenes enemies as well?

As 2022 began, Carly was ready to take on Nina Reeves and wasted no time slapping Nina right across the face after learning that Sonny had fallen in love with Nina during the time he had amnesia and Nina, knowing who he really was, fell for him as well. However, Nina remained unfazed by the slap and barely flinched, putting Carly on notice that if Sonny came to her wanting to be with her, Nina would not turn him away in the same way Carly kicked Sonny out of his own house (via

This rivalry began in early 2021 when Nina learned that Carly was well aware for months that the late Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) was Nina's long-lost daughter taken from her at birth (per Soaps In Depth). When Nina learned how Carly kept that secret from her and then tried to keep her from their mutual grandson, Wiley, Nina used that as reasoning to keep Sonny's whereabouts and identity a secret (via However, Nina is not the only female character Carly can't stand in front of the camera.

What about General Hospital's Ava Jerome?

Carly has had it in for Ava Jerome for years. First, she did not want the older woman with her young adult son, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), but the two fell in love anyway. Carly was especially miffed when Ava had a one-night stand with Sonny that produced a pregnancy and Carly set out to make Ava look like an unfit mother from the start, insisting for years that only she and Sonny have custody of Avery.

In recent years, Carly has relented a bit and not given Ava trouble when she visits with her daughter and takes her to her own house, but Carly will also never forget that Ava had a very bad lapse in judgment and switched out Morgan's bipolar medication with placebos a few years back, leading Morgan to go manic and steal a car that later exploded (via Soaps In Depth). Ava has repented for her sins, but Carly is a woman who never, ever forgets. However, when the cameras stop rolling, it's a whole different story.

Laura Wright shares a photo with Carly's biggest rivals

In December, Laura Wright went behind the scenes at a photoshoot for "General Hospital" actors and shared one of the outtakes on Instagram. Wright is happily laughing standing with both Maura West and Cynthia Watros, who play Ava and Nina, as the three look like they are sharing a light and playful moment together. Wright captioned the title with a simple, "I love these ladies," adding the hashtags," "#girlsgirlsgirls ##igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends #GHBaby #alwayslaughing."

West was quick to respond with an: "I [heart] YOU."

Perhaps some of the closeness between the three women comes from the fact that they all worked together in New York on two different CBS soap operas that are no longer on the air. West played Carly Tenney on "As the World Turns" off and on from 1995-2010 (via IMDb), while Wright and Watros both appeared on "Guiding Light" at the same time when Wright played Cassie Layne from 1997-2005 (via IMDb) and Watros played Annie Dutton on and off from 1994-2007 (via IMDB). So, at least from what you see on-screen between Carly, Nina, and Ava, it is definitely not the same behind the scenes where the actresses are great friends.