This TikTok Hairstylist Is Going Viral For Her 'Karen' Skits

Most of us have seen a "Karen." You know, those customers who incessantly ask for the manager at the grocery store because the store doesn't carry their preferred coffee brand? Yeah, we're talking about them.

We can all agree that Karens are annoying with their constant complaints and disruption of public service. However, as annoying as they may be, many find Karen moments quite entertaining. In fact, just a quick search on TikTok with the hashtag "Karen" will produce thousands of videos of these public temper tantrums.

Among those who've posted "Karen" content is salon owner Theresa Van Dam, also known as @theresavandamstylist (via TikTok). Van Dam routinely posts her experiences with former clients — some of which range from outrageous to unbelievable. Not only have a few of her videos gone viral, but she's also managed to rack up quite the following count. Currently, the hairstylist has over 3 million followers. And, with the more "Karen" skits she produces, the more we expect that following number to grow bigger and bigger.

TikToker Theresa Van Dam's most viral video has over a million views

You can expect that Theresa Van Dam's most liked video has the craziest story. As The U.S. Sun reported, the short clip, which is currently at 1.4 million views, follows Van Dam's experience with a client's mother who demanded Van Dam refund the tip on her daughter's service. According to the mother, a $20 tip is not appropriate for a $300 hairstyle.

That's not the worst of the story. Van Dam then went on to explain to the mother that a refund was only available from the original payment — her daughter's credit card. However, the mother continuously asked for a cash refund. "I don't want it back on her credit card though I want to come to get it in cash," the mother said (per The U.S. Sun). It should be noted that the daughter was 24 years old, but the mother was in charge of the finances because the daughter had a spending problem.

Van Dam continued on in the video, telling the mother that she wouldn't process the refund until she spoke personally to the daughter. After complaining — here's the Karen moment, folks — the mother hung up.

And, what's so surprising about this interaction is this is one of Van Dam's milder Karen experiences, the outlet added. Van Dam has truly experienced the worst of the Karens.