Larsa Pippen Opens Up About Her Return To Real Housewives Of Miami - Exclusive Interview

Larsa Pippen's life has been a whirlwind over the past decade or so. From her initial stint on "The Real Housewives of Miami" in 2011 and her jewelry design business to her headline-making divorce from NBA star Scottie Pippen and new life as a single woman raising four kids, she's loved and lost and seen a whole a lot of life. Even more impressive, she powered through it all while in the public spotlight, making moves (like joining OnlyFans) to ensure her success and financial well-being.

Pippen seems more than up to the challenge of living life as a public figure. When she had the opportunity to join the reboot of "The Real Housewives of Miami" (now streaming on Peacock), she happily jumped in. In this exclusive interview, she shares her memories of her original "Real Housewives" experience and her thoughts on her new fellow Housewives, as well as her relationship with Kim Kardashian.

For Larsa Pippen, being on Real Housewives of Miami is even more fun now than before

My first question for you is how did you originally you become involved with "Real Housewives of Miami"?

I was on Season 1. I think it was 11 years ago, actually. So I shot Season 1, and I was DMing with Andy [Cohen, the show's executive producer]. We were talking about having the show come back, and I was like, "Yeah, should we do it?" And he's like, "Yeah." And then it just kind of evolved.

So what was your experience during your first season? Was it anything like you expected?

Yeah, I had a really great experience. I feel like it was super fun for me. It's fun for me shooting with my kids now that they are older. It was a really great experience for us.

Great! And what made you decide to return to "Real Housewives of Miami" now?

I'm just in a different place. I feel like when I was on there Season 1, my kids were younger. I was married. I feel like this time around I'm single. My kids are older. They wanted to film with me. It just made sense. And I was in Miami during COVID, so it just made sense for us to do the show.

I was going to ask you about this. Your life is very different now from how it was then. You're single and dating again. So what is it like having that part of your life on the show?

I think it's definitely harder dating in the public eye. It's not as simple, but I'm navigating. I'm still trying to figure it out.

So is it different now doing the show as a single woman than as a married woman?

I think it's definitely more fun doing the show as a single woman than it is as a married woman. You get to let loose and do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you have fun.

How it's been reuniting with familiar Housewives – and getting to know the new ones

Also, some of your former cast members, Alexia Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein, were also on the cast of the first season, and they're back now along with Marysol Patton. So what's it like working with them again?

It's super fun filming with girls that you're already friends with, girls that you are already familiar with and that you've worked with before. I am friends with Lisa off camera, so her and I have always maintained a relationship off camera. So it's just been a great experience for me being back and being with all the girls.

Do you notice any differences between the new Housewives and those of you who are original [Housewives]?

Not really. I feel like this cast is very diverse. I'm super happy that they brought in diverse women and strong-minded women, entrepreneurs, women that know how to balance work and families. So it's pretty fun to watch.

And are you doing anything differently this time based on what you learned in your first season?

I think I'm having more fun this time around.

In what way?

Just filming, just all of it, to be honest with you. I feel like when I was married, I just felt so responsible. Like, "Oh my God, I shouldn't do this. Or I shouldn't say that," because I didn't want to let down my husband, and now I do whatever makes me happy.

Which of the new Housewives did you most enjoy getting to know so far?

I feel like I like all of them. I feel like they're all so different. I really enjoy spending time with all of them. I talk to Kiki [Barth] almost every day. Guerdy [Abraira], I just spoke to the other day. So I feel like we all really connected and got along pretty well for the most part.

Larsa Pippen talks OnlyFans and her friendship with Kim Kardashian

You are also the resident OnlyFans star on the show. So you've mentioned that not all of your co-stars are, in your opinion, OnlyFans material. So who do you think would be most successful on OnlyFans?

I feel like Lisa [Hochstein] would really kill it on OnlyFans because she's sexy. She loves to show off her body. I feel like they all would, except Adriana [de Moura]. I feel like she — I mean they all would. They'd all do well on the platform.

So why did you decide to join OnlyFans?

I wanted to be on a platform where all the members of the platform were verified, and it was a way for me to communicate with all my followers and just basically give them exclusive content and have a better relationship with my fans.

Some of your co-stars and some of your fans elsewhere may not understand what OnlyFans is about. So what would you say to them?

I feel like it's a platform where you own the platform. You can post whatever you want. I tend to post photos. If I'm working out, I feel really good about myself. I'll post bikini pics or I'll post the behind-the-scenes of my jewelry launch or my jewelry line. So it's just basically your platform to be able to post whatever you want to.

And finally, we heard that you are optimistic about mending your friendship with Kim Kardashian. Can you share any thoughts on that?

We're in a good place. Everyone's happy. I'm happy for all of them.

That's great. So you are in touch with her pretty regularly?

We're in a good place. We talk, we chat, we text. I feel like I love how everyone's so intrigued by my friendships. Wow.

New episodes of "The Real Housewives of Miami" stream Thursdays on Peacock.