What Chloe Chrisley's Relationship With Savannah Is Really Like

Young Chloe Chrisley is a fan favorite character on her family's reality show, "Chrisley Knows Best." As Parade notes, the adorable kid is the daughter of proud patriarch Todd Chrisley's estranged son Kyle, whose mother is Todd's first wife, Teresa Terry. 


Chloe was born in 2012 and inevitably became the most doted-on kid in the family, particularly after she came to live with grandparents Todd and Julie following her father's arrest in 2013. 

When Chloe's mom was subsequently arrested, in 2016, Todd got full custody of Chloe. Although Chloe's grandparents seemingly had her best interests at heart, in a 2014 chat with the Daily Mail, Kyle claimed they only took her in to supplement their newfound fame. 

"My dad showed no interest in Chloe at all until the show and until it was pointed out that having a mixed race child and getting her and all that would be good for his demographic," he claimed. 

Kyle described Todd's other kids as "spoiled" and even claimed that "Chrisley Knows Best" had destroyed his life. Todd, for his part, wished Kyle all the best, confirming during an episode of his "Chrisley Confessions" podcast that Kyle was in his prayers.


Regardless of what's going on with the father and son's strained relationship, Chloe clearly has a good life with her grandparents and various aunts and uncles, all of whom are evidently obsessed with her. 

In particular, Chloe and her aunt Savannah share an especially close bond. 

Savannah and Chloe Chrisley are super close

Savannah Chrisley has been forced to defend her close relationship with niece Chloe, whom she frequently posts about on social media. 

In 2017, the Sassy by Savannah founder shot back against accusations she was using Chloe to portray an image of a white person "saving" a Black child, on Instagram, by confirming she sees the little girl as "basically my baby sister." She added: "It's not about rescuing...it's about family and our responsibility to take care of one another." 


As TV Shows Ace points out, Savannah was criticized again after posting another shot of Chloe enjoying a beach day, which she captioned, "So blessed that God chose me to be her 'sister.'" 

Fans took issue with Chloe calling Todd and Julie "Mom" and "Dad," and they had a similar gripe with this, claiming Savannah was confusing the little girl. After Savannah posted another photo of the two hanging out — and again referred to Chloe as her "sister" — fans battled it out in the comments once more. 

Per TV Shows Ace, Todd has no issue either way, but Chloe does see him as her dad, so it makes sense that she sees Savannah as her sister. This doesn't satisfy "Chrisley Knows Best" fans but, for the most part, Savannah ignores them. 


In fact, in an interview with Life & Style, the businesswoman gushed about how mature Chloe is for her age, so she clearly understands more than people give her credit for. 

Savannah Chrisley is devastated by the judgmental response to Chloe

Fans might act confused about Savannah Chrisley's close relationship with her niece Chloe, but as far as the reality star is concerned, it's her responsibility to stand up for the little girl. In an interview with People, Savannah admitted she consistently faces "judgment" when out in public with Chloe. "I take Chloe out with me and we'll go get our nails done or we'll go have lunch and we'll just have a day to ourselves and the looks that I get from people — it's just devastating," she revealed. The Sassy by Savannah founder is shocked it's still such a big deal, particularly in this day and age.


She argued, "It's my duty to stand up for Chloe and for people and all young girls and women and people of color. It's not enough to say you're not racist. I mean, we've heard that line a zillion times." As far as Savannah is concerned, words are not enough, which is why she and the rest of the Chrisley family take the time to have open discussions with people of color so they can better understand their position. Likewise, she's been reflecting on her own privilege, too. Savannah admitted, "I am a privileged white woman and I think a big problem is that a lot of people are having a hard time admitting the privilege that they do have."

Chloe Chrisley's family frequently fights back against racist trolls

Thankfully, Savannah Chrisley isn't the only one fighting for Chloe's honor. Her grandmother, Julie Chrisley, told Today she's fully prepared to stand up for the little girl. "If it's something stupid about me, I don't care. I don't have time for that. But if you attack Chloe, I'm gonna call you out. Your co-workers and the families sitting beside you in church every week should know what kind of person you are," the "Chrisley Knows Best" star argued. 


According to Julie, Chloe doesn't have a relationship with her biological mother, so it's even more important to show the little girl she's loved. Although, luckily, Chloe isn't online yet, she has experienced racism first-hand, including being left out while playing. Julie made it clear there's absolutely nothing wrong with her, and reaffirmed Chloe can be anything she wants to be. 

Patriarch Todd Chrisley reasoned, during a 2021 interview on "Tamron Hall," that Chloe was a gift to their family in more ways than one. "We, as a white couple in America, have never dealt with racism until Chloe and we have been in that privileged sector of not having to have that added stress on us as people," he said, via People. "And then God brought Chloe to us and I think that God gave us Chloe because we needed to be changed. We needed to be able to use our platform to help those who may not have a voice."